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Father Tremont to Face the Debuting Penta 0M

Just when you thought Best of the Best 16 couldn't get any bigger, CZW Officials make another blockbuster announcement.  In addition to Sami Callihan, Dezmond Xavier, Shane Strickland, Joey Janela, Ricochet, Lio Rush, Zachary Wentz, Anthony Henry, "The Artist" Jake Crist, Scorpio Sky, David Starr, Jason Cade, ... More

Janela to Face Stockade at Eighteen

At Awakening earlier this month, Joey Janela's world came crashing down around him...  Literally!  It all started at Cage of Death 18 when Matt Tremont turned his back on the entire Combat Zone and bulldozed Janela through a pane of glass.  At Awakening, Tremont would bury the Bulldozer and in his place he re-emerged as ... More

CZW presents Awakening TONIGHT at 7:30 PM

Combat Zone Wrestling kicks off 2017 with the fall out from Cage of Death 18!  Tonight, CZW presents Awakening from the Flyers Skate Zone in Voorhees, NJ starting at 7:30 PM. At Cage of Death 18, Joe Gacy realized his dream when he became the CZW World Champion when he defeated Jonathan Gresham.  Meanwhile, Rickey Shane ... More

Matt Tremont to Speak Out on 01/14

At the conclusion of Cage of Death 18, the entire Combat Zone was left in complete shock when Matt Tremont literally bulldozed Joey Janela through a pane of glass inside the Cage of Death.  Since that time, CZW cameras, CZWrestling.com contributors, locker room members, and even CZW Officials have been trying to get a hold of ... More

CZW Uncut: Matt Tremont Now Showing

For the first time in his career, Matt Tremont is given the opportunity to speak completely uncensored and uncut. As one of the most beloved competitors in the Combat Zone, Tremont has seen and done it all in such a short period of time. Now he sits down with Jake Black to talk about it all. From his time as a fan of CZW all ... More

Squared Circle of Sacrifice Coming to Night of Infamy

Saturday at Tangled Web 9, the crowd witnessed in shock as Devon Moore turned on the Nation of Intoxication when he super kicked his protege Conor Claxton and helped the Young Dragons walk out with the victory.  In that instant, the Combat Zone was turned upside down.  Once again a near riot broke out between the the ... More

Tremont Out for Revenge against Bentley at TW9

Earlier this month at Down With The Sickness, Matt Tremont's year-plus reign as CZW World Champion came to a shocking end.  At the conclusion of his match, the Mid-South crew comprised of Reed Bentley and John Wayne Murdoch would attempt to take out the Bulldozer.  But it was when Ian Rotten, the owner of Mid-South, ... More