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You Can't Count On It
Friday, August 13, 2010 @ 10:14pm EDT

From The Desk of Maven T. Bentley, Esq. on this 13th of August, 2010

Hello CZW faithful.  The strangest thing happened to me last night.  I was visited by the spirits of CZW past, present and future.  I know this is not the time of year that most people recall the Charles Dickens’s classic “A Christmas Tale”, but I felt that way last night.

As I slept, my normal dreams of investment funds multiplying were replaced with visions of the H8 Club, the Switchblade Conspiracy and Osirian Portal.  In CZW’s past, teams like the H8 Club brutalized opponents using any weapon they could find. I have been on the unfortunate other end of a Nate Hatred attack and it was not fun, but the fans loved it… The Switchblade Conspiracy’s attack on DJ Hyde replayed in head.  The flesh ripping from DJ’s body as Joe Gacy pulled on the barb wire whip they used… I woke up dreaming of the Osirian Portal opening a door and tag teams from all over the world running through it.  The H8 Club and Switchblades looked at me and asked where my loyalty lied… then I awoke.

I believe that the future of CZW involves courting international talent, whether they be from Egypt, Japan, Germany or wherever.  I stand firm on my decision to install international rules in the CZW tag team title tournament, but I feel to respect the past, I must do it CZW style.  During the tag team tournament, during the 20 count to re-enter the ring, no team may be disqualified.  Therefore, teams will be able to invoke the spirit of CZW’s past and add a little ultraviolence if needed.  I feel that this decision will create a fair playing ground for any competitors in this tournament, but most of all will give you, the CZW faithful the best of all worlds.


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