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Sunday, May 1, 2011 @ 07:50pm EDT

Earlier today, CZW held a FREE Wired TV Taping Event at the Asylum Arena in South Philadelphia.  As part of this event, CZW was able to donate a large sum of money to Autism Speaks.  CZW Officials would like to thank you the fans of the Combat Zone for your generosity by coming out today for Wired TV.  For those interested in the spoilers, please continue reading.

The event kicked off with the CZW Debut of The Latin Dragon taking on 'The Warrior" Akuma.  After suffering his first loss since returning to CZW, Kimber Lee and Akuma thought that this would be an easy match to get back on the winning track.  However, all it took was one error by the Warrior and the Latin Dragon gains his first victory in CZW!  Meanwhile, Kimber Lee's Warrior has went from undefeated to win-less.  After the match, Lee was so upset that she physically assaulted Akuma while they exited the ringside area!

Rich Swann returned to South Philadelphia completely re-energized to take on the returning Alexander James.  While Rich Swann took the opportunity to show off his newly acquired skills from his tour of Japan, James took the opportunity to suck up to Drew Gulak who was sitting ringside with DJ Hyde and Maven Bentley judging the Open Tryouts.  Not only did James not impress Gulak or the other judges, James suffered a loss to the hands of Rich Swann.

CZW's Open Tryouts brought out many interesting faces into the Combat Zone, including the Nigerian Nightmares.  Many in the Combat Zone heard of the lore of the Nigerian Nightmares, but never witnessed the two behemoths in person.  Unfortunately, two CZW Academy students felt the brunt of the savage invasion as the Nightmares came out victorious.  Maifu and Saifu left the entire Combat Zone in awe in what could be  the first of possibly many matches in CZW.

Next up as part of the "Mavenican Idol" portion of the CZW Open Tryouts, Stephan Smith took on Yale Rose.  Rose won after an evenly matched contest.  However, the two men had to listen to the board of judges that included DJ Hyde, Drew Gulak, and Devon Moore.  All three men surprisingly agreed that although both men showed promised, they played it too safe and did not show the Combat Zone what they had to offer.  The crowd also agreed with this assessment.

The next "Mavenican Idol" match pitted John Silver against Daulton Castle.  Castle got the victory and seemingly impressed the judges of DJ Hyde, Drew Gulak, and Sami Callihan who felt they were seeing a young Jon Moxley in the ring.  The judges were also impressed by what Hyde called "the spitfire," John Silver.  The crowd also showed they were more impressed with the second match of "Mavenican Idol."  Was it enough for either man to earn a shot at a CZW contract?  Time will tell.

The final "Mavenican Idol" match featured two men who have extensive wrestling backgrounds, Alex Reynolds and VSK.  This match was the most impressive match in the eyes of the judges; DJ Hyde, Drew Gulak, and Maven Bentley, as well as the fans.  The match featured high flying and high impact wrestling for both men, something that the other matches did not feature.  Both men pulled out the stops in hopes of receiving a CZW Contract.  On this night however, Alex Reynolds was just a little better than VSK and took home "the W."  Many of the fans felt that these two men were the most deserving of a CZW Contract.

After the very brief intermission, Drew Gulak bought more promotional time for his crusade to "Make CZW a better place."  However, he was quickly interrupted again by Devon Moore.  Unlike the last time, Moore's attack was stopped by Gulak's new hired muscle, Mr. Tofinga!  Tofinga put the main event in jeopardy with his assault on the CZW World Champion.

It was then Graduation time for the Class of 2011 as they were led by Kit Osbourne to take on the CZW Alums; Adam Cole, Alex Colon, and The Runaways in an 8-Man Elimination Match.  The CZW Alums pretty much had their way with the Grads quickly eliminating three of the graduates.  In a shocking turn of events, Kit Osbourne who has been the CZW "whipping boy" in recent months was able to eliminate Ryan Slater from the match.  After Slater's shocking elimination, the Alums went into panic-mode which turned into almost self-destruction as Cole, Gacy, and Colon all began to argue.  However, the team was able to pull it together long enough to finally eliminate Osbourne from the match.  Following the match however, the Alums went right back to fighting ending with Colon running off with the Junior Heavyweight Championship!

Ryan Eagles returned to Wired TV once again looking to make a name for himself here in CZW by taking on Best of the Best X Finalist, Sami Callihan!  Although succumbing to the Stretch Muffler, Ryan Eagles impressed the entire Combat Zone by taking Sami Callihan to the limit!

Finally in the "Champion vs. Champion" Main Event, Drew Gulak with his new back-up, Mr. Tofinga, took on  Devon Moore.  Gulak at first proclaimed that the CZW World Champion had suffered an injury from Tofinga's attack earlier in the day, Moore showed his fighting spirit by showing up for the match!  Like him or not, Gulak showed why he is the Wired TV Champion by capitalizing on Devon Moore's injuries.  However, it just took one well placed super kick to shut the mouth of Gulak and his campaign.  After the match, Tofinga came in to get some revenge for his new employer by viciously attack Devon Moore.  Moore had to be helped to the back after Tofinga's attack leaving his Championship in jeopardy when he faces Robert Anthony in two weeks Proving Grounds.

Some of these matches will air as part of CZW Wired TV on, stay logged onto to find out when this episode of CZW Wired is set to air.

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