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Why Drake...Why?!?!?
Monday, October 25, 2010 @ 02:30pm EDT

Throughout the course of history, if there is one thing we have all learned, it is rife with betrayal.  Judas is said to have betrayed Christ for 40 pieces of silver.  In July of 1780, General Benedict Arnold of the Continental Army defected to the British while attempting to surrender West Point to them during the Revolutionary War.  In June of 1941, Germany violated the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact and began its invasion of Russia during World War II.

We are a little over a week removed from It's Always Bloody in Philadelphia and the events which transpired after the match between Danny Havoc & Devon Moore are still playing over and over in my mind.  If you were not there, Havoc had just picked up the pinfall on Moore.  Immediately after the match, CULT FICTION stormed the ring & began to attack Havoc.  Devon attempted to assist the man he faced only moments prior, but was unsuccessful.  The CZW faithful cheered as Scotty Vortekz & Drake Younger stormed the ring armed for battle.  Cheers turned to shock and screams of horror as the unthinkable happened.  The Psycho Shooter betrayed the Naptown Dragons!  The water jug we all thought would be used against the Cult found itself wrapped around the skull of Vortekz.  Moore, Havoc, Vortekz, Senior Official Nick Papagiorgio, and even CZW support staff found themselves the victims of Drake's rampage.  Drake laid waste in the ring & spared the Cult as a stunned CZW Arena audience looked on, wondering what would cause Younger to commit such a heinous act of violence.

It is no secret that 2010 has not been the best year for Drake Younger.  Drake lost the CZW World Heavyweight Championship, a belt which he held for an unprecedented 20 months, to B-Boy in January at High Stakes: Sky's the Limit.  In April at Swinging for the Fences, Drake & Eddie Kingston defeated TBA for the CZW World Tag Team Championship.  But their reign as champions was short lived.  In June at Lines in the Sand, Eddie Kingston threw down the championship belts & quit the company.  CZW Owner DJ Hyde had no choice but to strip Drake of the belts in July at Home Sweet Home, but gave him an opportunity to reclaim the championship.  All he had to was find a partner & defeat TBA in a tournament qualifying match to crown new champions.  Drake found himself teaming with B-Boy, the man who defeated him for the CZW World Championship in January; the duo lost the match & never made it into the tournament.  Then in August, we all felt the pain of loss when JC Bailey passed away.  Even though the Cult has been at war with the Dragons for a better part of the year, we all hurt from the loss; Drake more than most.

The CZW fans have been demanding answers.  I reached out to Drake for comments regarding what happened in Philadelphia, but was unsuccessful in getting a response.

NIGHT OF INFAMY is less than one month away.  With any luck, we will get more of an explanation of Drake's actions and what he has in store for the Combat Zone as the road to Cage of Death slowly comes to an end.  Many, myself included, are hoping for a logical explanation & really do not want to have to brand Drake Younger as the CZW Judas.  But until Night of Infamy, we will all continue to ask ourselves "Why Drake...WHY?”

Written for by CJ Becker


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