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Who Will Be The Next CZW World Tag Team Champions?
Wednesday, November 3, 2010 @ 01:37pm EDT

This time of year is one of anticipation for many people.  As Autumn goes into full swing most folks start looking forward to the holidays, but for the Combat Zone faithful, there is one other major date they look forward to with baited breath: Cage of Death!

As we edge towards the big day, CZW seems to be a place filled more with questions than answers. We’ve seen long-time friends turn on each other with no word of explanation. We've witnessed once powerful factions which held CZW in the palm of their hands splinter overnight. And we've seen a bitter war rage on for an entire year with no end in sight, leaving many of us to wonder what it all means as December approaches.

In addition to all this, we've also witnessed an incredible tournament for the vacated World Tag Team Titles, and - at our last stop on the road to Cage of Death on November 13th at the aptly named Night of Infamy: Betrayal - we will have the answer to at least one of our questions: Which two teams will advance into the finals & face each other at Cage of Death to become the next CZW Tag Champions?

Will the team of The BLK Jeez & Joker aka Philly's Most Wanted be in the finals? Since the return of Joker to CZW it took little time for theformer BLK OUT members to once again gel as a unit and they have sincebeen tearing their way through the tag ranks. Can any of the otherteams turn back the challenge of these two decorated veterans? The hard-hitting Joker is a former New Horror Champion, a former Tag Champion, and he was the Best of The Best VII Champion. The "always bitter, always focused" Blk Jeez is a three-time former Jr Champion, a three-time former Tag Champion, and he was the Best of The Best VIII Champion. What can we expect from these angry, well-traveled, battle-hardened competitors in their quest to wear the gold?

And what of their opponents at Night of Infamy, the team of Ryan McBride, a one-time Junior Heavyweight Champion and young Rich Swann, The Irish Driveby? Swann and McBride have only been tagging together since High Stakes 4 back in January of this year,but they seem to possess a chemistry that has taken other teams yearsto build. In their short time together, they've only been defeatedtwice: When they challenged The Best Around for the titles (in their third match as a team); and when they lost to Team Macktion due to ample interference by Rodney Rush. Even with their loss to Team Macktion they managed toregroup and eliminate them from the tournament. Is the combination of Swann's high speed, high flying offense and McBride's alreadyimpressive and much improved mat and power game the right formula toovercome Philly's Most Wanted?

Then there are the newcomers to the Combat Zone, The Osirian Portal.  Although they are new to CZW, the team of Ophidian and Amasis come with impressive resumes. The Portal were trained by Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli, who together were known as the "Kings of Wrestling" when they held the CZW Tag Team Championship along with the tag titles of many other well known promotions simultaneously.  The Portal debuted as a team back in September 2007,and since then they have traveled everywhere east of the Mississippi,as well as tours of Germany and Japan; they've impressed fans andfellow wrestlers everywhere they have competed. Just a few short weeksago, they wrestled The Irish Driveby to a 15 minute draw at Deja Vu 5 in Tyngsboro, MA that left fans hungry for more. Could the serpentine flyer Ophidian, with an innovative offense thatincorporates his varied martial arts backgrounds, and Amasis, The Funky Pharoah who utilizes a unique combination of breakdancing, various strikes, and surprising power moves, be the next CZW Tag Team Champions? They'll have to first pick up the win on the 13th, and to do that they have to beat The Runaways.

The team of "Chainsaw" Joe Gacy & Ryan Slater - The Runaways - have taken many fans as well as the front office completely off guard. No one really knew that these men even associated with each other; so how did they become such a well-oiled machine so quickly?  As it turns out, The Runaways have been playing things very close to the vest, waiting for an opportunity like this tournament to come along.  It turns out that these two train and travel together and, unbeknowst to many, have been tagging together in small promotions to hone their craft for over a year now; an explaination for why they are always on the same page and have such a wide range of tandem manuevers to utilize. The Runaways could be the hungriest team in this tournament.  The mauling powerhouse Gacy has proven over the last year that he can adapt to any environment: Singles matches, tag team matches, ultra-violent matches with various stipulations; he was even in the most gruesome Tangled Web match we've seen yet and he's picked up some big wins along the way. The sly and deceptively strong Slater has come within millimeters of taking the Junior Heavyweight Championship from Adam Cole on more than one occasion, and he also came very close to winning the Wired Television Championship from Tyler Veritas. Both of these athletes are looking to erase their past affiliations and what better way to make a name for yourselves then to become the new Tag Champs?

The question remains: Which two of these talented teams will advance to the finals at Cage of Death XII? Will it be the veteran team of Philly's Most Wanted or the exciting Irish Driveby? The impressive newcomers, The Osirian Portal or the hungry and determined Runaways?  I guess we'll see you at Night of Infamy: Betrayal on November 13th to find out.

- Salamander Jones


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