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What's Next For Jeez?
Wednesday, April 6, 2011 @ 06:59am EDT

So this morning before heading to Narita Airport,I went for a walk and reflected on things,thought about the accomplishments I've made over the years and realized,damn,I'm doing pretty good for myself. The only real goal that I had when I broke into Pro Wrestling was to wrestle in Japan,nothing else,just Japan.

Now,after traveling all around the US,traveling to Canada,Canary Islands,England,Germany (and I do stiff people in Comedy matches wink,wink),Italy,Spain and now Japan,I have accomplished a whole hell of a lot more than I originally set out to do. All of this through hardwork,dedication, perseverance and talent. While others kiss ass, PLAY POLITICS and live off of what the internet community says and the smoke that some "bookers" blow up their ass and at the same time paying them about $25,haha,I go H.A.M. everytime and it shows. Love me or hate on me,no one can deny that The BlkJeez is a beast and gets it done all day!!
So with this being said,what does one do when they have accomplished the ONE THING that they worked so hard for? Set new goals!!

In a couple of days,CZW presents Best of the Best, a tournament that I've won by the way and as much as the tournament is gonna deliver,there's something else that's definitely gonna tear shit down and that just happens to be the six man tag featuring,The Briscoes & "The Prince Of Philly" Devon Moore vs Philly's Most Wanted & "The Ego" Robert Anthony. Now see,this is what we refer to as,MONEY!

I'll give it to The Briscoes,their track record speaks for itself. They've held titles all over the world,are well traveled,are a top team in the entire world,I mean hell,they defeated PMW and you half to be great to defeat PMW and that's a fact.

What can I say about Devon Moore that hasn't been said already. I started out with Devon,I've been in the ring with Devon hundreds of times,he's still one of the most underrated and most versatile performers around and we all know he's used to carrying companies on his back and being the top dog. But,with all the praise that can be given to this team,there's one problem,well actually three.

First of all,The BlkJeez,Joker and Robert Anthony are three of the most talented dudes,not only in CZW but in the world. All three of us know what it's like to be in big money situations,I mean,we aren't the last three Best Of The Best Champions for nothing. We are the dudes that will take the ball and run with it like a muthafucka!! Smart money says that Philly's Most Wanted will leave Saturday night with the CZW World Tag Team Titles,our 2nd reign and my history making 6th reign,wow,talk about a tag team specialist!

That my supporters and haters is what your boy Jeez is looking at as his next accomplishment,along with what happens after that,which is a little bit down the road,stay tuned,you'll hear about it in due time peoples :)
Now that I got a little bit of madness off my mind,I got a flight from JAPAN to catch,see ya when I see ya.

~All Praise Due To Blk Jeez, Killadel's Finest.... Scream At Me

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