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What a Difference a Year Makes
Monday, November 29, 2010 @ 09:00pm EST

It seemed like only yesterday as we saw SAMI CALLIHAN & THE SWITCHBLADE CONSPIRACY carve a path of devastation through the Combat Zone.  This time last year, the CZW fans wanted Callihan's head on a platter after the kidnapping & attempted murder of Danny Havoc.  Rivers of crimson ran down the bodies of both competitors & pooled up on the canvas at Cage of Death XI.  Callihan emerged victorious & the winds of change began to blow that night.  A rabid CZW Arena audience stood in unison & applauded the most deranged individual to ever wage war in CZW.  The fan support steadily increased month after month no matter what Sami did; not even attempting to end the careers of Greg Excellent & even OUR BOSS, DJ Hyde, was enough to turn the fans against him.  Sami has gone from one of the most loathed combatants in the Combat Zone to a fan favorite in a year & has made it known that he has his sights set on the CZW World Heavyweight Title.

It seemed like only yesterday as we saw EGOTISTICO FANTASTICO begin a quest to capture the CZW World Heavyweight Championship.  Despite coming up short at Cage of Death XI in a 4 Way for the #1 Contendership against current champion Jon Moxley, Eddie Kingston, & B-Boy, Ego pressed on.  Defeating former champion after former champion, championship gold seemed to be in sight until a series of title exchanges between Nick Gage & Moxley.  It was this exchange that turned the CZW fans against Ego.  A sense of self entitlement was brought out, the likes of which nobody expected.  The once fan favorite turned into a bitter individual who was booed mercilessly by the CZW fans & became a nuisance to management.  Egotistico Fantastico is gone; in his place stands "THE EGO" ROBERT ANTHONY, an arrogant individual who appears to be ready to do what it takes to capture the Combat Zone's top prize.

Two men on a mission met in a violent encounter last month at NIGHT OF INFAMY: BETRAYAL.  A wild brawl that saw not only both men beat the holy Hell out of each other, but saw CZW Commissioner Maven Bentley become a victim or Robert Anthony's ire, broke out in the CZW Arena.  Every action has a reaction, & Mr. Bentley made the match official for CAGE OF DEATH XII.  Two runaway trains will collide in a match for the #1 Contendership for the CZW World Heavyweight Championship.  Robert Anthony has shown that he is willing to do whatever it takes as of late to get what he wants.  But we all know of the unmatched and even deranged ruthlessness Callihan possesses & unleashes to destroy opponents and win championships.

It's going to be hard hitting.  It's going to be ruthless.  It's going to be violent.  And it's quite possible someone will go home for the holidays in a bodybag after the dust clears.  It all goes down at CAGE OF DEATH XII on Saturday, December 11!!!  BE THERE!!!

Written for by CJ Becker


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