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Thursday, July 5, 2012 @ 07:10pm EDT

On July 29 and July 30, The Triangle of Ultraviolence strikes Japan.  Earlier this week, it was announced that Drake Younger would be challenging Abdullah Kobayashi for the BJW Deathmatch Championship. has been able to secure the entire schedule of events for CZW’s return to “The Land of the Rising Sun.”

On the afternoon of July 29, CZW & its associates head to Nagoya Diamond Hall in Nagoya, Japan, featuring:
* BJW’s Jaki Numazawa & CZW’s Danny Havoc vs. CZW’s Drake Younger & Fight Club Pro’s Clint Margera
* CZW’s Sami Callihan vs. CZW owner DJ Hyde
That evening:
* Barbwire Board, Baseball Bat, & Chair Match: Yuko Miyamoto & Misashi Takeda vs. Drake Younger & Danny Havoc
* Yoshihito Sasaki & Sami Callihan vs. BJW’s Shinya Ishikawa & wXw’s Axeman vs. wXw’s Sumerian Death Squad (Michael Dante & Tommy End)
* Shinobu & Masashi Otani vs. Bad Bones & DJ Hyde
On July 30, ‘The Triangle of Ultraviolence’ heads to the LEGENDARY Korakuen Hall:
* Abdullah Kobayashi vs. Drake Younger for the BJW Death Match Heavyweight Title
* Jaki Numazawa & Danny Havoc vs. Yuko Miyamoto & Isami Kodaka
* Sami Callihan, Masashi Takeda, Shinobu vs. Ryuji Ito, Brahman Kei, & Brahman Shu
* Alcohol Drunk Match: Takashi Sasaki vs. DJ Hyde vs. Shuji Ishikawa

**Please note that these events are subject to change**

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