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Tournament of Death X Results!
Saturday, June 25, 2011 @ 10:24pm EDT

The Combat Zone gathered at the Ultraviolent Underground in Townsend, Delaware to continue the Legacy of Blood and Glory!  It was surely the bloodiest afternoon of the year that saw eight men compete for the right to claim the title of Tournament of Death X Champion!  It was also a night that led to many revelations into CZW’s next event, New Heights, on July 9th from the Asylum Arena in South Philadelphia.

Round One:
- MASADA def. Dysfunction in a Fans Bring the Weapons Match
MASADA took the victory when he nailed Dysfunction with a Death Valley Driver off the ring apron through a table for the pin.

- “The Bulldozer” Matt Tremont def. Necro Butcher in a “Get Hit…With Sh*t” Match
Matt Tremont scored the biggest win of his career, defeating Necro Butcher in a “Get Hit” match featuring a variety of weapons. The end came when Tremont came off the top with a diving headbutt through light tubes for the pin. This match truly gave birth to a new star in the Combat Zone!

- BJW’s Jaki Numazawa def. Danny Havoc in a Light Tube Celebrations Match
The bigger story in this match is how Drew Gulak’s influence changed the course of the entire tournament.  Just as it looked like Havoc was going to send Numazawa into the pit of light bulbs…  Mr. Tofiga came charging down to the ring and bashed a light tube bat into the back of Havoc.  In turn, Numazawa sent Havoc into the pit and subsequently getting the victory!  Surely Drew Gulak will be please to hear that Mr. Tofiga “made things right.”

- BJW’s Masashi Takeda def. Scotty Vortekz in a Barbed Wire Boards, Thumbtacked Kick Pads Match
Unfortunately for Vortekz, he would be unable to repeat as Tournament of Death Champion.  However, Takeda proved that BJW was here to win the trophy and take it to Japan!
- MASADA def. Matt Tremont in a Kenzans, Whips and “Anything Else We Can F***ing Find in the Back” Match.
The Ultraviolent Beast was simply on a warpath to become CZW Tournament of Death X Champion.  MASADA took Matt Tremont to the limit by driving three kenzans into Tremont’s head with his bare hands!  And in the end it was a steel chair assisted STF that made Tremont pass out for MASADA to move on!

- Masashi Takeda def. Jaki Numazawa in a Barbed Wire Boards, Light Tubes and Thumbtacks Match
It was a battle of Big Japan’s finest, but only one could walk into the finals.  In this case, it was the younger and more athletic Takeda that defeated his countryman, Numazawa!

Non-Tournament Matches
-  Sami Callihan def. Greg Excellent to earn a future match against DJ Hyde
In what was supposed to be a 3-Way Dance featuring DJ Hyde.  Hyde decided that he did not need to compete in the contest.  However, Callihan and Excellent took that as an opportunity to do their best DJ Hyde impressions, down to even dressing in Hyde’s very own ring gear!  Hyde upset that he was being made into a fool decided to force the two men to fight by offering a match with Hyde to face the winner.  Before Hyde could finish his sentence, Excellent decided to take the fall to allow Callihan “to finish what he started last year.”  It was then that Hyde turned the tables…  He said that he wasn’t finished his sentence when they decided to finish the match and that the loser would be Hyde’s slave beginning July 9th.  And as far as the future match with Callihan…  It will happen just not on July 9th, on July 9th Callihan’s newest obstacle is the Necro Butcher!

- Philly’s Most Wanted def. Devon Moore & Mystery Partner, Little Mondo
The big story coming out of this match is the fact that Joker is the man that pinned the CZW World Champion.  And following his victory issued a challenge for the Championship to take place at New Heights on July 9th!

- MASADA def. Masashi Takeda to capture the Tournament of Death X Trophy in a Barbed Wire Ropes, Light Tubes, Panes of Glass Match
In what can actually be called the most athletic bout of the day, MASADA went toe-to-toe with BJW’s Takeda.  They pulled out all the stops…  And literally set the show ON FIRE!  It took a powerbomb through a flaming pane of glass atop cinderblocks and then a second powerbomb onto a cinderblock campfire to put Takeda down!

Following the match, DJ Hyde presented MASADA with his Tournament of Death X Trophy.  It was at that moment that MASADA issued a challenge for the Danny Havoc’s Ultraviolent Underground Championship.  Havoc accepted and actually was willing to fight the match to close Tournament of Death, however DJ Hyde told them that the match would have to wait for July 9th.  Hyde even raised the stakes saying that the winner will not only become UVU Champion, but they would also receive a match to face BJW’s Deathmatch Champion, Ryuji Ito, at the Chri$ Ca$h Memorial event on September 10th in what will be billed as a “Champion vs. Champion” Match!


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