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Things Have Just Gotten Worse!
Tuesday, February 21, 2012 @ 09:46pm EST

Just as things couldn’t get any worse of the “Panama City Playboy,” CZW Officials have just announced that on March 10th at Aerial Assault, Adam Cole will face the Ultraviolent Underground Champion MASADA!

MASADA is a competitor that no man would really want to fight.  He has not been pinned in EIGHT MONTHS! He was literally inches away from becoming the CZW World Champion at Cage of Death .  Bottom line…  MASADA is the real deal!  On top of all of that, he was in that controversial #1 Contender’s Match at the 13th Anniversary but was not given a Championship match.  MASADA is clearly one pissed off beast and is wanting to take out his frustrations of the first man to step in his way!
Can this be considered punishment for Cole?  At the 13th Anniversary Adam Cole got into a verbal confrontation with the Boss, DJ Hyde.  But since then, no one in the Combat Zone has been able to get a comment from either man about the altercation.  Whether it is punishment or not for his insubordination, Cole now must face a man who hasn’t been pinned and who is flat out angry!  Clearly, things have gotten worse for “The Money.”
Aerial Assault is quickly becoming a must see event!  To witness the madness, please visit the CZW Pro Shop NOW and purchase your tickets.  Or you can get your tickets at the front door when CZW makes its debut at Boyle’s World Gym in Northeast Philadelphia on March 10th!

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