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The Top 10 of CZW - September, 2011
Thursday, September 22, 2011 @ 07:13am EDT

Each month, the staff at will rank the wrestlers of CZW based on their win-loss record, their place on the card, the crowd reaction they receive, any titles won or lost, and other intangible qualities that made that wrestler stick out from the pack.  Since its inception, this list has proved to be controversial; surely it will be very much the same this month.  This month the list includes an honorable mention category.  Remember, the previous rankings according to last month’s article are listed in parenthesis.  Please remember, this list is not the official standings controlled by CZW Management.  Without further a due, this is the Top 10 of CZW for September, 2011.

CHAMPION – Devon Moore – Devon Moore’s title reign has become known in some circles as the “longest 24 hours in history,” as many did not believe that he was going to walk out of International Incident back in April with the Championship.  However, five months later Devon Moore remains the leader of the pack.  Most recently at Down With The Sickness, Devon Moore defeated BJ Whitmer.

#1 – (2) – Adam Cole – Adam Cole reclaims the top spot on this month’s list after finally returning to the Combat Zone after a few week hiatus granted to him by CZW Owner, DJ Hyde.  However, Cole almost lost it all at Down With The Sickness when his open challenge was answered by the former “Plus Sized” Junior Heavyweight Champion, Greg Excellent.  A few months ago many would have thought Cole would have easily defeated Excellent, but now many wonder how much more time Cole has on top.

#2 – (1) – Sami Callihan – Unfortunately for Callihan he has fallen back down to the number two spot on this list because of his absence from Down With The Sickness.  The story of 2011 has been Callihan playing second fiddle to Cole thanks to the nepotism shown by DJ Hyde.  However, this war between Callihan and the Hyde/Cole combination could come to a head on October 7th when all three men are expected to be on hand at Cerebral!

#3 – (4) – MASADA – “The Ultraviolent Beast” moves up a spot this month after his hellacious Kamikaze Deathmatch at Down With The Sickness.  MASADA was able to retain the Ultraviolent Underground Championship from his foreign nemesis, Ryuji Ito, as well as nearly capturing the BJW Deathmatch Championship.  It was clear at the conclusion of the night that the war between Ito and MASADA is far from over and could come to ahead again when Ito and MASADA take part in the International Wrestling Summit prior to Cage of Death XIII on December 3rd.

#4 – (5) – BLK Jeez – “Killadel’s Finest” moves up the list again this month after Philly’s Most Wanted’s international turf war at Down With The Sickness.  The most controversial man in the Combat Zone continues to prove that he has the skills to back up his loud mouth.  However, has he and the Cambodian Axe Murderer bitten off more then they can chew as they continue to call out former CZW Stars, Eddie Kingston and Homicide?

#5 – (6) – Jake Crist – One half of the Irish Airbourne continues to impress the Combat Zone with each outing.  This time the Wired TV Champion showed by he holds the “Most Exciting Championship in all of Wrestling” when he defeated Dustin Rayz with the innovative “Suicide.”  This aerial artist better keep an eye over his shoulder as many question his brother, Dave Crist’s, loyalty.
#6 – (3) – Scotty Vortekz – Vortekz suffers one of the biggest losses on this month’s list, plummeting three spots.  Vortekz, however, cannot be faulted for that as he is nursing serious injuries suffered in the Psycho Circus Tangled Web match from Tangled Web 4.  Vortekz is expected to make a speedy recovering and return in time for CZW’s return to “Naptown” on November 5th and subsequently rise back up to the top of this list.

#7 – (-) – Joker – Joker returns to the Top Ten list this month after teaming with his partner, BLK Jeez, once again.  This time the duo gave Fight Club: Pro of the United Kingdom a preview of what the Combat Zone will bring when it makes its debut in England in a few short days.  But again, the bigger story here was Philly’s Most Wanted once again calling out Eddie Kingston and Homicide.

#8 – (9) – Matt Tremont – Is there any stopping of “The Bulldozer?!”  This man has simply dominated the Combat Zone since debuting earlier this year.  He’s been so dominate that it is beginning to catch the eye of DJ Hyde, and he’s beginning to worry that it’s the second coming of “the Man!”  Hyde has now decreed that both Tremont and Little Mondo will have to prove just how ultraviolent they truly are by passing a series of “Ultraviolent Tests.”  Tremont’s test coming up?  “The Ultraviolent Terminator” Brain Damage!

#9 – (-) – Mr. Tofiga – Love him or hate him…  Drew Gulak has an eye for talent.  Mr. Tofiga may be the key to Gulak’s campaign to end the ultraviolence in CZW.  Tofiga defeated fan favorite/Gulak enemy, Danny Havoc, at Down With The Sickness.  The odd thing though…  Gulak was not happy with the way Tofiga won the contest!  Gulak better be careful that he doesn’t lose control of this monster of a man, otherwise he may find out, like Havoc just did, how power this man from the South Pacific really is!

#10 – (7) – Danny Havoc – Talk about hitting rock bottom…  That’s where Danny Havoc is just about at.  After starting off the summer with the Ultraviolent Underground Championship, Havoc has since lost that championship, lost in the first round of Tournament of Death X, and now lost to the newcomer, Mr. Tofiga.  After the departure of the legendary Nick Gage, many felt that it would be Havoc who would be the man to “SAVE” CZW from competitors like Drew Gulak…  However, the “Deathmatch Drunkard” has fallen prey to the political machine that is Drew Gulak.

Honorable Mention – (-) – Latin Dragon & Dustin Rayz – This month we’ve added Honorable Mention category…  But we couldn’t choose who to give the honors to, so we issued a tie!  First, Latin Dragon has continued to wow the audience in every outing he’s had in the Combat Zone.  In just a few weeks on Wired TV on, you will be able to see just how he defeated Alex Payne.  Our other honorable mention, Dustin Rayz, really surprised many in his last minute match against Jake Crist.  Originally it was Chrisjen Hayme who earned the Wired TV Championship shot after winning the Aerial Assault match at Tangled Web 4.  However, Hayme was forced to withdraw from the match due to injury and he hand picked Dustin Rayz to replace him.  Despite losing to Crist, Rayz impressed many, including CZW Officials, and many expect him to become a full time member of CZW.

So that is the Top Ten List for September, 2011.  Tell us what you think about the Top 10 List at our Official Facebook account.  You can even text us your thoughts via our Text Messaging Service!  Be sure to come back every month to see how the Top 10 List fleshes itself out, as next month there are surely going to be changes caused by the fallout of Cerebral on Friday Night October 7th at the Asylum Arena.

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