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The Top 10 of CZW - August, 2011
Thursday, August 18, 2011 @ 10:54am EDT

Last month we introduce the Top Ten feature here on  Each month, the staff at will rank the wrestlers of CZW based on their win-loss record, their place on the card, the crowd reaction they receive, any titles won or lost, and other intangible qualities that made that wrestler stick out from the pack.  Last month this list proved to be controversial; surely it will be very much the same this month.  This month added to the feature is the person’s previous rankings according to last month’s article listed in parenthesis.  Please remember, this list is not the official standings controlled by CZW Management.  Without further a due, this is the Top 10 of CZW for August, 2011.

CHAMPION – Devon Moore – For over four months now, Devon Moore has reigned atop the Combat Zone as its Champion.  This title reign has been a tribute to the late Trent Acid and surely he would be smiling down on his protégé.  Moore just came out of his most controversial win in the Combat Zone to date after beating BLK Jeez in a Lumberjack Strap Match, which saw Jeez actually pin the Champion.  Whether you agree with the decision made by CZW Vice President, Maven Bentley, or not…  Devon Moore is still the “King of Philadelphia” as CZW enters its biggest season…  The season of Cage of Death!

#1 – (2) – Sami Callihan – “The Callihan Death Machine” simply cannot be stopped!  It has been Callihan’s mission to get revenge for the heart breaking loss to Adam Cole in the Finals of Best of the Best as well as to make CZW Owner, DJ Hyde’s, life a living hell!  So far Callihan has been successful.  Hyde is seemingly running out of roadblocks to prevent Callihan from getting his match with Hyde that he earned at Tournament of Death.  Whether “the Boss” likes it or not, he will eventually have to step into the ring with CZW’s most popular combatant.

#2 – (1) – Adam Cole – “The Panama City Playboy” has been absent from action during CZW’s monthly mega-events since June’s Prelude to Violence.  It may not have affected his ranking, however the reason he hasn’t competed is clear…  He’s afraid of Sami Callihan.  However, the staff still recognizes his talent and his accomplishments on the road represent CZW as World Junior Heavyweight Champion.

#3 – (6) – Scotty Vortekz – Vortekz moves into the top three this week after defeating his friend, Drake Younger, in the Two Ring Psycho Circus Tangled Web Match!  You could almost say that Vortekz shocked the Combat Zone, as nearly 70% of those who voted in the pre-match poll either thought that Younger would win the match or simply just withheld their voting!  After his win at Tangled Web 4, you can bet that Vortekz has become a major player on the CZW Roster.  Having competed in every major Ultraviolent Trademark CZW has to offer, who knows what’s next for the Naptown Dragon as CZW moves towards Cage of Death 13?

#4 – (3) – MASADA – “The Ultraviolent Beast” moves down a spot this month having to take the month of August off to rehab his injuries sustained in the Gusset Plate Match from New Heights.  However if what MASADA said on about the BJW Deathmatch Champion, Ryuji Ito, is any indication about what lies ahead at Down With The Sickness…  MASADA could surely take the number one spot in September’s list!  (Click here to see the video)

#5 – (9) – BLK Jeez – BLK Jeez makes the biggest jump moving four spots on the list and breaking into the Top five after pinning the CZW World Champion.  Some say if Jeez didn’t come onto Maven Bentley’s radar, Jeez would be representing CZW as both the CZW World Heavyweight Champion AND CZW Tag Team Champion!  It was at Tangled Web 4 where Jeez pinned Devon Moore.  With Bentley looking on and seeing that Moore’s foot was on the bottom rope, he ordered that the match be restarted.  Jeez’s temper got the best of him and while he was too busy arguing with Bentley, Moore rolled Jeez up for the victory much to the delight of the Combat Zone.  It is because of that, however, that Jeez makes his move up the list into number five.
#6 – (4) – Jake Crist – The Wired TV Champion drops two spots on the list having not competed at Tangled Web 4.  Some staff question his longevity as champion as he may have only gotten lucky last month at New Heights.  It will be interesting to see what happens when Chrisjen Hayme cashes in his opportunity to challenge for the CZW Wired TV Championship.

#7 – (7) – Danny Havoc – “The Deathmatch Drunkard” stays put this month having also not competed in a match at Tangled Web 4.  Much like MASADA, Havoc needed the time to rehab his injuries sustained in the Gusset Plate Match from New Heights. However, Havoc made his presence felt by attacking Gulak’s Bodyguard, Mr. Tofiga.  Havoc is most definitely out to get Gulak and his campaign since they have been nothing but a thorn in the side of the Ultraviolent athletes for months, most recently causing Havoc to not advance outside the first round of Tournament of Death X!

#8 – (8) – AR Fox – Fox has been off in Japan since New Heights learning the Japanese style of wrestling as well as wowing the crowds all across the “Land of the Rising Sun.”  Fox remains at number eight because of his growing creditability across the world.  We here are exciting to see AR Fox come back to the Combat Zone in a few weeks to see how much the young high flier has learned in Japan.

#9 – (-) – Matt Tremont – The Bulldozer is here and he is here to stay!  Matt Tremont came onto the scene a few months ago at Prelude to Violence, and since that time he has lived up to his moniker, “The Bulldozer.”  Tremont made it to the Semi-Finals of Tournament of Death X.  Since then he has ushered in the “New Era of Ultraviolence” by powerbombing Little Mondo through multiple tables laced with all sorts of ultraviolent treasure.  It has been Tremont’s goal just to compete in CZW, now that he’s here what is his new goal heading into Cage of Death 13 in December?

#10 – (-) – Chrisjen Hayme – Hayme debuts on the Top Ten list this month having become the NEW number one contender for the CZW Wired TV Championship.  Some may say how does one win earn him a spot on the Top Ten?  Simple…  That one win was in the Aerial Assault Match and it was over seven other men, including the former number one contender…  Ryan McBride.  The sky is the limit for Hayme, so stayed logged onto to see when and where Hayme will get his chance at CZW gold.

So that is the Top Ten List for August, 2011.  Tell us what you think about the Top 10 List at our Official Facebook account.  You can even text us your thoughts via our Text Messaging Service!  Be sure to come back every month to see how the Top 10 List fleshes itself out, as next month there are surely going to be changes caused by the fallout of Down With The Sickness on September 10th at the Asylum Arena.

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