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The Future of Ultraviolence
Friday, July 1, 2011 @ 08:11am EDT

Running full speed into a pane of glass & a three count was what it took to defeat PINKIE SANCHEZ at Prelude to Violence.  A stunned Asylum Arena audience looked on as an unknown informed the CZW faithful that he was "THE BULLDOZER" MATT TREMONT & he wanted in on the most ultraviolent spectacle in all of professional wrestling, Tournament of Death X.

During the time leading up to TOD, the CZW fans were abuzz talking about Tremont.  Who was he?  Had he gotten lucky?  Could he make it past the first round?

When the blood dried & the dust settled upon the conclusion of the tournament in Delaware, it was clear that Tremont came to the Combat Zone ready to fight and to make a statement.  In the opening round, Tremont took on a man feared worldwide; the Tournament of Death IV Champion, THE NECRO BUTCHER in a "Get Hit With Shit" match.  Bats, water jugs, & whatever else you could swing were the implements of destruction in this contest.  Tearing into each other, each man had a point to prove.  Butcher wanted to take home his second TOD trophy while Tremont wanted to show everyone that his win over Pinkie was no fluke.  Showing little regard for his own well being, Tremont delivered a devastating headbutt through light tubes onto Butcher & scored the win.  The crowd, mostly solidly behind Butcher during the contest, looked on in shock as the man who many considered to be the sickest in our sport was eliminated in the first round.

In the semi finals, the Bulldozer showed no sign of slowing & fired ahead on all cylinders.  Emerging from the back with a shopping cart full of weapons & thumbtacks STILL embedded in his head from his bout with Butcher, Tremont went toe to toe with MASADA in a match dubbed "Kenzans, Whips, & Anything Else We Can Fucking Find in the Back".  Anything & everything was used and it appeared the ultraviolent newcomer was going to take Masada past his limit.  Tremont even took three kenzans that Masada PUNCHED into his skull & kept going.  Despite an impressive showing, Masada scored the win.  The CZW faithful in attendance roared in approval of Tremont with a loud "BULLDOZER" chant as he made his way to the back.

Eager for a word with the man who is taking CZW by storm, I caught up with Tremont a short while ago.  Still nursing wounds from the tournament, he had this to say:

"June 25th, 2011 will be a day 'The Bulldozer' will NEVER forget.  Going into the event, I knew the stakes were high & knew I would have to go above and beyond for CZW & the fans in order to earn a spot and the respect of everyone.  I went toe to toe with a legend in The Necro Butcher & defeated him 1-2-3.  Then came Masada, one of, if not the best, in the game right now.  I may have come up short but I know I earned everyone's respect.  TOD has come & gone.  It's time to look forward to the future & not dwell on the past.  My mind is focused on the UVU Title picture & EVERYTHING that crosses my path on the road to Cage of Death.  I say 'To be the best, you gotta stomp the rest'.  And that's just what I intend to do here in CZW.  The journey has just begun & I'm only getting started.  WHO WANTS SOME?!?"

Tremont's ultraviolent journey here in CZW is only in its infancy.  But in a short time, he's managed to pick up bloody victories over two of the biggest deathmatch stars out there.  It's only a matter of time before the Bulldozer goes through everyone on his way to the top.  There will be blood.  There will be pain.  And I pity anyone who gets in this man's way.

Written for by CJ Becker

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