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The Future of the Ultraviolent Underground Championship
Saturday, May 19, 2012 @ 02:39pm EDT

In a move that shocked CZW staff and fans in Philadelphia & watching worldwide on iPPV last Saturday, CZW World Heavyweight Champion MASADA threw down the Ultraviolent Underground Championship at "Proving Grounds". Proclaiming that he didn't need the championship, the Ultraviolent Beast went on to accept the challenge of former champion Devon Moore & stood victorious in his latest defense. As speculation ran rampant throughout the Parkwood Youth Organization about the future of what is considered the Combat Zone's most dangerous championship, I caught up with Masada to see if he could explain his actions:

"Being the Ultraviolent Underground Champion means you're the most violent motherfucker in deathmatch wrestling. Being the CZW World Champion means you're the most violent motherfucker in all the world. EVERYONE knows what I'm capable of. I am out to prove that I'm a fighting champion. Anyone who thinks they can take me on can step up. ALL the stops are being pulled out when you challenge me for the CZW World Championship. This company claims it defined ultraviolence; I AM ULTRAFUCKINGVIOLENCE! I don't care if you're a mat wrestler, a high flier, or have bled in deathmatches. The CZW World Championship is around the waist of the most violent motherfucker in all the world & it's going to remain there for a long time. Anyone who tries to take this from me is going to get hurt." - CZW World Champion Masada

After a nearly week long discussion about the future of the UVU Championship & listening to Masada's statement, CZW Management has decided to unify the CZW World & Ultraviolent Underground Championships. The UVU Championship will no longer be contested for in matches. To hold the top prize in CZW, challengers for Masada are going to have to prove they can be just as hard hitting...just as ruthless...and have to be able to push themselves to limits they never thought possible. There's high stakes to be the CZW World Champion. As for who the next is to step up, only time will tell.

Masada will be in action during the 2012 Summer of Ultraviolence. Be sure to grab order your tickets for "Tournament of Death XI" NOW at the CZW Pro Shop. In first round tournament action, Masada will face Scot Summers in a PAINS IN THE GLASS match!

Written for by CJ Becker

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