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The Final Names Added to the Aerial Assault Match!
Tuesday, February 28, 2012 @ 08:40pm EST

Last night via the CZW Newsletter the final entrants into March 10th’s Aerial Assault Match were announced.  Niles Young, Lucky, Ryan McBride, and Shane Strickland will be joining the field of eight which already includes Uhaa Nation, Samurai Del Sol, Latin Dragon, and Rory Mondo!  These eight men will all be competing for a coveted spot in this year’s Best of the Best tournament!

The latest four additions are all men deserving of a spot in this year’s Best of the Best tournament as they all have the credentials.  Niles Young is a Former CZW World Tag Team and World Junior Heavyweight champion.  After escaping from the “way back” of the Asylum Arena is ready to reclaim his glory!  Lucky has finally shed his “pet name,” tHURTeen.  The high flying member of The Nation of Intoxication has a lot to prove again in the Junior Heavyweight Division and getting into Best of the Best 11 could give him that chance.  Ryan McBride is no push over either; he is a Former CZW World Junior Heavyweight champion.  He has taken many men to the limit in the past, but can he get through seven others who want the same goal?  Finally, Shane Strickland joins the field of eight after turning heads in his Indianapolis debut for CZW.  He's ready to prove just how hungry he is on CZW’s home turf by winning the  Aerial Assault

To witness this aerial spectacular, please visit the CZW Pro Shop NOW and purchase your tickets.  Or you can get your tickets at the front door when CZW makes its debut at Boyle’s World Gym in Northeast Philadelphia on March 10th!

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