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The Family Feud Concludes On April 14th!
Monday, March 26, 2012 @ 07:41pm EDT

Earlier today, it was announced via the CZW Text Message Service that CZW Officials have made a Wired Championship Match for Best of the Best 11Jake Crist will once again defend the “Most Unpredictable Championship” against his own flesh and blood, Dave Crist.

This match has been a year in the making.  It all started when Jake Crist was invited to compete in Best of the Best X and Dave Crist was not.  After Jake Crist’s impressive showing in last year’s tournament, CZW Officials invited Jake Crist back over the next few months until he eventually was offered a full time position with the promotion.

Once hired, Jake Crist did the brotherly thing and invited his brother Dave Crist to the monthly events in Philadelphia.  This only caused more friction between the brothers, unbeknownst to Jake Crist.  Dave Crist began to interject himself into his brother’s matches, even in the match where Jake Crist became CZW Wired Champion!  As documented on the CZW YouTube Channel, Dave Crist celebrated with his brother using the phrase “We did it!”

Eventually, Dave Crist’s joy for his brother’s successes quickly turned to jealousy.  When CZW returned to Indianapolis for Déjà Vu late in 2011, Dave Crist assaulted his brother during their tag team debut as the Irish Airborne.  From there Dave Crist has been looking to make his brother’s life and career hell!

At Cage of Death 13 , Dave Crist failed to de-crown his brother as Wired Champion.  It looked as though the feud between the brothers was finished, but Dave Crist simply couldn’t accept that his brother, Jake, was the better man in that contest.

Over the months since Cage of Death, Dave Crist has seemingly been able to one-up is brother in multiple tag team scenarios seemingly proving that he was the true leader of their tag team.  That was until Aerial Assault.  At the last CZW event, Jake Crist finally was able to score a bit of retribution and defeated his brother.  However, in less than THREE weeks’ time these two brothers will go one-on-one once again.

Will this finally end their year long family feud?  Or will this be the death-nail for the entire Crist family unit?  Find out on April 14th LIVE on iPPV when CZW presents Best of the Best 11 from the Flyers Skate Zone in Voorhees, NJ on  To get tickets to this must see event, head over to the CZW Pro Shop NOW.  Of course if you cannot join us at the Flyers Skate Zone in Voorhees, NJ, head over to and pre-order the iPPV stream and watch all the action LIVE from the comfort of your own home!  You can join in on all the talk on Twitter @combatzone using #BestoftheBest13!

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