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The Ego Has Landed
Tuesday, February 22, 2011 @ 04:47pm EST

"New eras don't come about because of swords.  They're created by the people who wield them." - Nobuhiro Watsuki

A quest that began at Swinging For the Fences last April came to an end at Twelve.  For most of 2010 and leading into 2011, JON MOXLEY reigned as CZW World Heavyweight Champion.  Taking on all comers, Moxley soundly defeated not only the best that the Combat Zone had to offer him, but outsiders as well.  But being a fighting champion takes its toll on you mentally & physically.  Just as it looked as if Moxley was about to pick up the win, "THE EGO" ROBERT ANTHONY surprised a raucous Asylum Arena and hit Moxley with a variation of the Japanese Ocean Suplex not once...not twice...but THREE times, nearly breaking "The Street Dog" in half and scoring the pinfall to become the new CZW World Heavyweight Champion.  For nearly a year, we heard the naysayers claim that Anthony couldn't get it done.  We heard that he was CZW's own "Philadelphia Eagle", making it to the dance yet choking when it was time for the big game.  Yet this time, when the moment came, the title changed hands & "The Era of Ego" was ushered in.  A new king sits a top the throne of the Combat Zone.

Yet waiting in the wings is a notorious #1 contender.  DEVON MOORE, once known as CZW's "Resident Scumbag", has undergone a metamorphosis in recent months.  Ever since retiring his best friend, DREW BLOOD, and the untimely death of TRENT ACID last June, Moore has been on a quest of redemption & proving himself to the CZW fans.  The scumbag wouldn't have cared about the swathe of destruction CULT FICTION was cutting in the Combat Zone; the Prince of Philadelphia stepped up and joined the war against the Cult, even going so far as to win the CAGE OF DEATH last December as the match's sole survivor.  Moore was a World Champion prior to joining the Combat Zone.  He is a man who knows what it takes to get to the top and stay there.  His quest for redemption would end by grabbing the brass ring...the CZW World Heavyweight Championship.  I recently got a hold of both men regarding their upcoming bout & they had the following to say:

"It's simple.  On March 12, I will become the NEW CZW World Heavyweight Champion.  I'm doing this not only for Trent, but for me.  Ego's NEVER beating me.  I have a legacy in the Arena & when I walk away, I'll have a banner in South Philly.  I'm a part of history; NOBODY has done what I have there.  On March 12th, not only will 'The Prince' become 'The King', but I will also cement myself in history in the most decorated building in the wrestling world!" - Devon Moore, #1 Contender for the CZW World Heavyweight Championship

"The CZW World Title has changed hands 35 times since 1999 with Nicholas Gage being the first ever champion.  I'm sorry Devon, but this championship title will NOT be changing hands a 36th time anytime soon.  Devon, since I've become the CZW Champion, I've traveled this country doing things you have only dreamed about.  When I brought the CZW Title home, I celebrated at Nacional 27 on Huron St. in Chicago, IL.  I was showered with praise and love from the people that knew that my destiny is one of greatness.  Devon, you're a good wrestler and are on a roll in CZW.  But 35 is MY lucky number and at the end of the day...the CZW Championship is coming back home to Chicago." - "The Ego" Robert Anthony, CZW World Heavyweight Champion

On Saturday night, March 12th in the City of Brotherly Love, the CZW World Heavyweight Championship will be on the line as Devon Moore challenges "The Ego" Robert Anthony for the richest prize in the Combat Zone.  Can "The Prince of Philadelphia" dethrone the current champion & become "The King", or will "The Era of Ego" continue?  Tickets are on sale for both our March return to Philadelphia and BEST OF THE BEST X.  Don't wait; get your tickets now to experience wrestling that is truly like nothing else...C-Z-W!!!

Written for by CJ Becker

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