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Wednesday, July 13, 2011 @ 01:42pm EDT

He Has Gone WAY Too Far!

It has been awhile since I blogged about the Combat Zone.  I felt after casting judgment on my employer, DJ Hyde, the last time I should cool it a bit so I don’t have my pay withheld…  Which he obviously likes to do now, just ask Necro Butcher.  However, I stand by my statements.  Just like I stand by every single negative thing I’ve said in recent months about The BLK Jeez.

Now I’m sure you’ve all noticed by now that I am a bit of a “goodie two shoes.”  I know that I am…  I’ve always been since I was a kid.  But I also speak my mind.  I can’t stand when things are “correct.”  Am I always right?   No.  As you’ve heard my commentary and read my blogs, I have been very judgmental of Philly’s Most Wanted.  I thought that maybe I was being a little too harsh on them.  Sure BLK Jeez won the Tag Team Championships back by the use of Brass Knux…  But we’re in the Combat Zone, and we’ve seen people win championships with things worse than a pair of knux.  Sure it wasn’t legal in that match, but the point remains.

Just as I thought I was being a little too judgmental, I was once again proven correct this past weekend.  Maven Bentley required Jeez to apologize at the New Heights.  Instead he assaulted a fan and got into a physical altercation with our Vice President!  At one point, I thought Jake, Rob, and I were going to have to restrain the Tag Team Champion!  That is how out of control the situation got.

Let me take a moment to apologize for all the exclamation points as I am furious about what I’m going to talk about next.

If that weren’t bad enough, Sunday at Acid Fest 2…  Jeez went WAY over the line!  Acid Fest 2 was not a CZW event, but lots of CZW stars both past and present competed to honor the late Trent Acid…  Someone who I can call a friend and a mentor.  Now I know I can’t say I’m as close to him as others, but I still knew him very well.  When I was asked to call Acid Fest again this year, I was more than honored.  The event itself was most definitely an afternoon Trent would have loved to be a part of.  The event was jam-packed with his friends, not to mention that his neighborhood and family lined the entire first row!  But of course there had to be someone to ruin the fun.  I’m sure you can guess who it was…  The BLK Jeez!

Sunday afternoon was NOT about championships…  It was NOT about marketing the CZW product…  It was not about making a name for yourself…  It was about honoring a friend by putting on an afternoon of WRESTLING.  It was about having FUN…  Something Trent would have wanted!  It was something I was having until the middle of the show, when Jeez took it upon himself to make a mockery of Trent!  Why he was even scheduled in a match in the first place is beyond me…  But to rip a button that honored Trent Acid off of one of his closest friends and then shove him around after the man just had his neck halo removed is beyond disgusting!  Meanwhile this all happened in front of Trent’s mother!  I was embarrassed because he and Joker were representing CZW at this event and for them to act the way they did is a travesty!  I still can’t believe after all that on Sunday Joker still had the intestinal fortitude to defend Jeez!

On Saturday Devon Moore granted Jeez a World Title Shot because he was simply tired of Jeez and wanted to teach him a lesson.  But after Sunday, Devon…  Someone else I call a friend…  Will surely use the actions of Jeez at the event that honored his trainer and friend as fuel in that lumberjack strap match!  Hell…  I’m willing to be there will be a long line of people in the locker room wanting to be assigned as lumberjacks!  That’s not to mention all the fans that will have a chance to be lumberjacks should they get a raffle ticket on August 13th.

For a long time I was with the fans of CZW begging for Maven and DJ Hyde to fire Jeez.  We all know why that will never happen.  So I say now…  Keep him on the roster!  Because he will make the Combat Zone a ton of money on ticket sales and iPPV sales at!  Why?  Because right now I will work for free on Saturday August 13th to see Devon Moore and the fans of CZW batter the BLK Jeez with leather straps!  A man who has the gall of disrespecting the legacy of a man I call a friend deserves all the ill he will receive on August 13th!

God forgive me for all the hate in this…  But even you have got to admit there is something wrong with this man who claims to be the second coming of Christ!

I’ll see you all Saturday August 13th on iPPV!
Dan Cowhey

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