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The Cowhey Chronicles
Tuesday, May 17, 2011 @ 06:48am EDT

You’re definitely NOT John Zandig!

I had to wait a day or two before I could release this to make sure I wasn’t too harsh.  But the more I think about how Saturday’s event ended, I just get more enraged.  First off, I am going to need to apologize in advance for my language that will be on the forthcoming DVD.  A few times during the night I used the Lord’s name in vain, mainly because of the battle I saw Vortekz and Younger go through.  But at the end of the night seeing what my employer did I just couldn’t help losing my emotions.  I know as a commentator we are supposed to uphold some sort of semblance of maturity while calling the action.  But what DJ Hyde and Adam Cole did just disgusted me and I couldn’t help but let some profanity fly.

In case you haven’t been following CZW over the last few months, let’s review what’s been going on.  Starting in late 2010, Greg Excellent seemingly snapped.  He assaulted his own mother at Cage of Death XII!  Why?  It was all to impress DJ Hyde.  But did it?  Of course not!  The entire Combat Zone was shocked that a man would attack his own mother.  From there Excellent went on verbal tirades against DJ Hyde.  Nothing was sacred…  He aired every piece of dirty laundry he had on Hyde.  Once again, Excellent wasn’t doing himself any favors in regards to maintaining his spot on the CZW Roster.  Although many found these rants entertaining, most just blew Excellent off as just a guy looking to get a quick reaction.

DJ Hyde during all of this was seemingly getting more and more frustrated with Greg Excellent, which at the time was understandable.  Everyone questioned Excellent’s motives.  Sure Hyde being “the Boss” will always be questioned, but at the time I understood the decisions Hyde made and just thought Excellent was a bitter wrestler who thought his tenure with CZW was coming to an end.

While this is going on, A.R. Fox was earning his stripes in the Combat Zone.  Fox had the audience on their feet after every match wanting to see more of “The Whole Foxxin’ Show!”  Fox was doing so well that he earned himself two Junior Heavyweight Title shots and a berth in Best of the Best X.  Although unsuccessful in all those attempts, A.R. Fox became “The People’s Choice” at Best of the Best for his efforts during the tournament.  Before Best of the Best X, many fans wondered why A.R. Fox wasn’t more prominently featured on Wired TV or even here on  It was as if A.R. Fox didn’t exist in CZW.

After seeing what went down, I’m embarrassed at myself for not seeing all the warning signs.  What happened on Saturday shouldn’t have been shocking at all.  Nevertheless…  The actions were still despicable!  Why would Hyde aid Adam Cole and then proceed to claim that he’s better than the founder of this company?  Almost immediately following Hyde’s actions, the last few months all made sense to me.

Each week the CZW Production Team meets to discuss pretty much all CZW business matters.  I have been included in these meetings since I started here in November.  Obviously DJ Hyde sits at the head of the table like he’s King Arthur and we are all in his court.  At first I sat there quietly as I was the new guy in the room.  I just sat and observed.  The one thing I observed was the lack of respect A.R. Fox was receiving in the room.  Almost every meeting this phrase was spoken:  “They love Fox…  But he’s just not a star.”  I thought it was rather an odd statement, but again…  I was the new guy I sat quietly.  To me that seems to be like wrestling 101…  Give the people what they want.  It was almost as if it was a disappointment when Fox was able to qualify for Best of the Best.  Hyde didn’t even want to give him “The People’s Choice Award.”  No offense to Sami Callihan, but clearly Fox won the vote.  But I think he even knew that too, hence why he gave up the award to Fox.  While Fox was last on the list in these meetings, Adam Cole and Mia Yim were always the first topic.  “Make sure we write up something about Cole’s trip to England.”  “Make sure we get an Adam Cole video made for Best of the Best.”  Last month, Hyde said that Yim would be cuffed to Callihan for this month’s main event.  But then last week, “Dan…  Mia is going to Japan to prevent a law suit.  I’m going to email you all the details that I want you to put online.”  I get this message like 2 days before the event, yet never once in our meetings was there a mention of a lawsuit.

The lariat at the end of the night had all these memories come rushing back.  While most of us thought Excellent was crazy, he was right all along!  Hyde is a paranoid man clearly.  Sure, he has huge shoes to fill.  I can understand that.  I can understand that he’s probably tired of hearing “Hyde is no Zandig.”  But to hold a talented man like A.R. Fox down?!  To be a bully to his friend, Greg Excellent?!  And then to proclaim his did more for CZW than John Zandig ever did?!  Come on!  All for what?  Hyde wants to be the centerpiece of the Combat Zone?  If he wants it that bad he’s been here long enough to know what to do…  Fight your way to the top!  Guys like Ruckus, Trent Acid, Jon Moxley, Wifebeater, Nick Gage, The Briscoes, Nick Mondo, and so many others didn’t play puppet master from the Eagles Nest in the Asylum Arena to be considered legends and icons of CZW.  They sweated, they cried, and they bled buckets for the “black and yellow.”  Watch the opening video of Wired…  It ends with Zandig driving Nick Mondo through a menagerie of tables and light tubes.  Despite being the boss, Zandig never just sat back and played favorites.  He fought along all those men and others so Hyde could have a place to own.  When Zandig sat down in his lawyers office two years ago signing away the parental rights to CZW, I’m sure he saw Hyde as someone cut from the same cloth as him.  But on Saturday night Hyde showed what Excellent preach, a…  Well douche bag!

The lines in the sand are being drawn.  I know what side I’m on.  And who would have thought it would be Sami Callihan leading the charge?  Hyde may have started something that could cause his whole kingdom to crumble.  I hope it’s worth it, Cole.  Because if one person that will suffer from this it will be you!

And, DJ…  You’re definitely NOT John Zandig

Dan Cowhey

EDITOR’S NOTE:  This article in no way represents the opinions of  The opinions expressed are by those of CZW Commentator, Dan Cowhey

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