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The Cowhey Chronicles
Wednesday, April 6, 2011 @ 12:58pm EDT

The Must See Event

Working in the wrestling business…  Hell, just being a fan of this sport…  You know there are certain happenings and events that you just want to be able to witness.  This Saturday is one of those events.

Entering the wrestling business back in 2006 as a commentator, I knew I had to develop a bucket list for my wrestling career.  Now I never sat down and wrote that list down anywhere or really ever mentioned it to anyone.  I just formulated that list in my head and kept it to myself.  I know people close to me wonder why I get so excited and driven by certain things this business has produced and not others.  But they just don’t get it until they witness it for themselves.  Saturday is one of those events that I know people question…  “It’s just another wrestling show, Dan.”

You, the Combat Zone, know why I am amped for this Saturday’s event.  This isn’t just “another wrestling show.”  This Saturday is BEST OF THE BEST X!  This, just like Cage of Death, is one of those events I heard about for years.  When I was on the outside looking in, I knew that this was the event that Junior Heavyweights needed to win.  They needed to win this event so people could say that he is “a somebody.”  Look at the list of winners (…  It’s a who’s who of wrestling!  Trent Acid…  This is a guy who our current number one contender, Devon Moore, patterns himself after!  There’s the internationally traveled, Sonjay Dutt.  There aren’t really any conquests that the “Playa from the Himalaya” hasn’t accomplished.  Look at the last four winners:  Egotistico Fantastico (Robert Anthony), BLK Jeez, Joker, and Ruckus…  Two of the men went on to become CZW World Champions (Ruckus and Ego).  The other two (BLK Jeez and Joker) have captured pretty much every other belt CZW has to offer…  Including reigning together as CZW World Tag Team Champions! 

Personal opinions aside, all the men on the list were fantastic talents prior to winning their respective Best of the Best Tournament.  However, would they be where they are now if they hadn’t?  Would Trent Acid have become the “International Superstar” if he didn’t win Best of the Best 2?  Would we still be talking about the now legendary matches between Drake Younger and B-Boy if B-Boy didn’t win Best of the Best 3?  Just look at the numbers…  There have been about 83 men who have entered the tournament.  Tack on this year’s 11 first timers (Sami Callihan was in the last Best of the Best) and you have around 94 men.  Out of 94 men, so far only 9 men have gone on to win Best of the Best…  Number 10 is this year.  10 out of 94 can claim this award.  Talk about a prestigious award.  Like the winners or not, that statistic speaks volumes for the winner.

Let’s take it one step further…  Let us talk about the guys who just participate in the tournament.  Each of the 94 men had their own journey to gain berth into their respective tournament.  Whether they were chosen or forced to qualify, every man that has enter was deserving of their shot.  I have never heard a fan or a fellow wrestler or wrestling official ever say “Well why is ________ in Best of the Best?”  For a lot of men it’s a badge of honor to say “I was in Best of the Best.”  For some of those same men, it drives them to work even harder.  Ryan McBride is an example of that.  I saw a fire in his eyes that I never seen before as he realized his chances are entering slipped away with each qualifying round loss in the months leading up to this year’s mega-event.  For a man like Sami Callihan, he’s been to the finals.  He had a taste of that glory that Trent Acid, BLK Jeez, Joker, Ruckus, etc. have gotten.  I know that feeling is driving him to capture the trophy this year, if he will actually accomplish that goal is a whole different discussion.

So why am I so excited?  That’s an easy answer…  After looking at all those stats I just listed, on Saturday night we will witness the birth of the next big star in the Combat Zone!  Whether it be the man I voted for here on, Jonathan Gresham, or one of the other 11, no matter what the winner not on gets the trophy and the prestige…  But they get right onto the fast track to wrestling immortality!

Until Saturday…  You stay classy, Combat Zone.
Dan Cowhey

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