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The Cowhey Chronicles
Wednesday, March 9, 2011 @ 01:43pm EST

Status Update:  AFRAID!

As a commentator, I have always found it hard to be impartial.  I’ll admit, I’m biased when it comes to certain wrestlers.  I just call it like I see it, and if I don’t like what I see I’m going to say it.  However, since joining the Combat Zone in November I’ve remained fairly quiet about “The Ego” Robert Anthony.

I know how rough this business can be.  Everyone in locker room and the offices of CZW all got into this business because it was our dream.  Everyone in CZW believes that wrestling is our calling in life.  We believe we are to entertain people from all parts of the world and help them escape reality for just a few hours while they’re at whatever arena CZW comes to now.  I had those big dreams as well.  But obviously I’m not lacing up the boots and stepping inside the ring, as much as I would love to.  I have my reasons why I don’t, but the dream of winning a championship still is in me.  Maybe one day I’ll step inside the ropes, but until then I know what my job is and I do it with a smile on my face. 

I’m sure Robert Anthony had those same dreams that I did.  He, unlike me, made those dreams come true and I respect him for that.  But on his road to the championship drove me nuts.  It was last spring when we saw him get his first title shots.  It seemed like after each loss he had a lame reason why he lost.  Slowly we saw him start to shed his Egotistico Fantastico persona that we all loved and grew into this demanding and entitled man that now rules the Combat Zone.

Again, I respect the man as he accomplished his dream and won the CZW World Championship.  After all the complaining about how he was cheated out of his earlier attempts to win the championship, he was able to defeat the clutch player, Jon Moxley.  It took three Cyclone Suplexes, but he did it without hook or crook.  But now, after talking about how men were added to matches that should have just been Anthony and Moxley, here he is going out on the CZW YouTube channel claiming he has an “insurance policy.”  Talk about paranoid.  Robert Anthony honorably won the championship, but now he’s going to dishonorably defend it?   That is an action of a scared man.  He clearly sees Devon Moore as a man on a mission.  He sees that Devon Moore was the sole survivor of Cage of Death XII.  He sees how Devon Moore transformed himself (much like Anthony did) and is seeing success.  He sees all of this and he is scared that he will not be able to defend the CZW World Championship successfully.

Should Anthony cash in his “insurance policy” on Saturday, he should not be deserving of holding the CZW World Championship.  Moxley didn’t have any insurance policies and I’m sure he feared losing the title a time or two.  Yet he came through in the clutch every time!  I’ve followed the career of Devon Moore and short of his scumbag tendencies in the past; he never needed an insurance policy.  Anthony is afraid that in three days Larry Legend will be announcing “You’re new CZW World Champion…  Devon Moore!”  And quite frankly, that is a strong possibility considering the roll he’s been on as of late in honor of Trent Acid.

Until Saturday…  You stay classy Combat Zone!
Dan Cowhey

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