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The Cowhey Chronicles
Wednesday, February 23, 2011 @ 05:47pm EST

There is Justice!

On Saturday February 12th, the Combat Zone finally saw justice!  The Briscoe Brothers once again became CZW World Tag Team Champions.  I was right there at ringside to see it all unfold and it was GREAT!  It was great to just see the puss on BLK Jeez's face as the Briscoes celebrated.

For weeks the BLK Jeez has been the center of controversy here in CZW.  If you've been to the events, you may have had a run-in with Jeez.  It is well known how much of a nuisance (and that's keeping it nice) he is to the CZW audience.  I know there is footage out from one of CZW's trips out of the Philadelphia area were he had an altercation with an older CZW fan.  Hell...  My first experience with BLK Jeez happened about 4 years ago when I was ring announcing a small event for another wrestling outfit.  After the match, Jeez unprovoked came after ME!  Now I know being in the wrestling business for the last five years that commentators and ring announcers like myself sometimes "get in the way."  But this one incident has been in my head for years.  I still to this day don't know why that happened.

So to see Joker and BLK Jeez more importantly lose the straps was just FANTASTIC.  Now I have been working in the wrestling business for five year...  Which isn't a long time.  However, in my short time I have seen many people with the attitude of BLK Jeez squander their career away.  I will say that he is a very lucky man.  Like him or not, Jeez is an extremely gifted wrestler and his abilities show that he deserves the titles that he has won.  BUT...  Eventually Jeez's antics will catch up with him.  Thinking about it...  They may already have!  The Briscoes are the guys with the straps right now.

On the other side of the coin, Joker really has got to separate himself from Jeez.  Now I have known Joker for the same amount of time as Jeez, and I will never understand why he stays around Jeez.  Joker over the years has become more and more of a force inside the squared circle.  When I hear the term "strong style wrestling" I think of "The Cambodian Axe Murderer."  Joker is every bit as gifted as Jeez, if not MORE gifted!  But I have never, ever, had a single bad encounter with him.  Why is he with Jeez?  Jeez is clearly calling the shots.  I mean did Joker really want to walk out of the match in January?  Maybe he did, but I don't know.  The point is, you're only as respected as the company you keep.  If Joker wants to continue his association with Jeez, then he better accept the consequences.  And right now that means, Joker is NOT a champion in CZW.

I'm sure, however, that its only a matter of a day or two before we hear from Philly's Most Wanted.  I'm sure they'll have some bizarre claim that they should still be the champions.  But I'm sure that the Briscoes will MAN UP like they always do and prove why they are truly the BEST tag team in the world!

Until next time...  You stay classy Combat Zone,
Dan Cowhey

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