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Thursday, January 27, 2011 @ 04:33pm EST

Sometimes You Need To Know When To Say When…  Sometimes You Don’t

I know it is quite obvious to a lot of people…  CZW is going through a transitional period.  It is only natural for it to do so.    Like the cliché says, “times change, people change.”  Really this transition isn’t just going on in CZW, its going on everywhere.  I’ll admit I’m not always welcome to change, but it is a necessary evil.  You can go down a main street in any town right now and you’ll see two things…  A “Going Out Of Business” sign and a “Temporarily Closed For Remodeling.”  The one business didn’t want to change and was killed because of it…  The other continues to live on, because it knows its customers.  Sure, in a few months that business that closed will have a new business in there.  But the business that chose to evolve will not care about the new business.  Why?  The new business has to prove itself to the town, unlike the existing business.CZW has chosen to evolve, while keeping many aspects of its past still in tact.  There’s been TWELVE Cage of Deaths…  And we’re just around the corner from the TENTH Best of the Best!  However, one by one we have seen faces from the past leave for one reason or another.  That’s the sad part about this industry.  No one wanted to see Mike Schmidt retire from Philadelphia baseball, just like no one wanted to see John Zadig retire from the Combat Zone.  Some didn’t get to chose to leave CZW, they were forced.  It is sad no matter how they left.  But of the bunch there are some that don’t know when to go.

One by one they all left the Combat Zone.  But there is only one that remains…  RUCKUS!  Ruckus is the LAST remnant of the early days of CZW.    He’s a Grandslam Champion, winning the World, Junior Heavyweight, and Tag Team Championships!  Ruckus won Best of the Best 6 in 2006.  CZW Stars are gearing up for tours of Germany, England, and Japan…  But Ruckus has been there and done that.  Go over to for some of the past episodes of Fake You TV…  Who’s all over that program?  RUCKUS!  Ruckus has also been featured on MTV!  I truly wonder what hasn’t Ruckus done?

With all the great things that he has done…  The question still must be asked…  Is it time to move on?  Ruckus has only won TWO matches this entire year, one of which came from the unlikely assist of Adam Cole.  He’s not getting any younger.  I know I wouldn’t look at him any less if he decided to Razzle Dazzle off into the sunset.  It may just be that time for him to go.  Sometimes you just have to know when to say when.

It took me awhile to be a Ruckus fan.  He’s come a LONG way from his early days to become the man he is today, a former CZW World Champion.  But now, it is almost sad to look at him.  As fast as he rose through the ranks of the Combat Zone, he is falling.  He lost to Adam Cole at the last event.  Adam Cole!  Sure, Adam Cole has talent…  He is the current Junior Heavyweight Champion.  But if this were only a few years ago, Ruckus would have ran circles around him!  Too many talents have left CZW in a less than satisfying way.  I’d rather Ruckus go out the way we remember him.  Because, honestly, I think it may be his time as much as I hate to say it. 

But then again, sometimes that “one last match” turns a man’s career from a bitter ending to a series of matches that create a Hall of Fame worthy career.  Sometimes a man defies the odds.  Sometimes he doesn’t listen to what others have to say and proves the critics wrong.  It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes the man that’s “washed up and done” is able to evolve and create more magic.  Sometimes you need to know when to say when…  Sometimes you don’t

Ruckus needs to take a long look into the mirror.  He either needs to realize that his time has come and gone, or he needs to take the CZW locker room to school.  Either way, Ruckus needs to change and evolve or he needs to step aside.

The last pillar of CZW’s past is on its last legs…  When it will fall is up to Ruckus.

Until next time, you stay classy CZW Fans,
Dan Cowhey


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