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Friday, January 21, 2011 @ 09:03am EST

Yet Another Missed Opportunity

It was around this time two weeks ago that I was writing about how SAMI CALLIHAN has been given opportunity after opportunity to make it big time here in CZW.  Yet here we are just two weeks removed from “From Small Beginnings Comes Great Things,” and here I am talking about yet another miss opportunity for “The New Horror.” It was about a week and half ago that it CZW Officials announced that they had CHOSEN Sami Callihan to take part in BEST OF THE BEST 10, which coincidentally coincided with the announcement of Callihan taking part in wXw’s (Germany) 16 Carat Tournament this spring (Visit for more).  Immediately, ALEX COLON sprung into action against Sami Callihan demanding that Callihan give up his spot.  Like Alex Colon or not, and I’ll admit I’m not a fan…  But Colon had a point.  AKUMA was put to the test and qualified for the tournament.  Why should Callihan get the pass?  Obviously CZW Officials saw the problem and quickly announced a Best of the Best 10 qualifying match for last Friday’s event.

I will say, however, that I truly thought Callihan had a fire lit under his ass.  If you look at the footage released via CZW’s YouTube account, Callihan easily took care of Alex Colon and his home invasion.  I thought when Friday’s event hit; Callihan was ready to start the New Year kicking.  But disappointingly Callihan lost yet another match he should have won.  However, unlike his #1 Contenders Match at Cage of Death, Callihan finally showed frustration.  He should be frustrated!  Like I said two weeks ago, it’s the same story over and over…  Except this time he didn’t even get to the finals of Best of the Best and lose…  He lost in the qualifying round!  I don’t like Colon, but right now I don’t mean to disrespect him…  But Callihan lost to Alex Colon, a man who essentially is a rookie.  Callihan lost to someone who hasn’t had that big match yet.  Whereas Callihan has been in them all…  Cage of Death, Tangled Web, etc.

Now I know Alex Colon has been in the Combat Zone for a minute now, and he is a fine talent…  Sure, his personality leaves more to be desired…  But really, did anyone think he was going to win?  I know I didn’t.  But can I say I was shocked?  No.  You see, these two men are very similar…  Hell…  Everyone in the Combat Zone shares this one fact in common.  They all want to be considered the “Face” of CZW.  They want to be the top guy in their profession, and to do that you have to work you way through the ranks.  Now the difference between Callihan and Colon is simply that Colon wants it more.  Colon for the last few months has been talking about how he will work up the ladder here in CZW, and last Friday he took two or three steps up that proverbial ladder.  Callihan, on the other hand, dropped two or three rungs.  But at least we finally saw frustration, because quite frankly I wasn’t sure if Callihan really wanted “it” anymore.

As shown on CZW’s YouTube on Wednesday, Callihan instantly demanded and was granted a rematch.  He gets another chance to prove that he belongs in BEST OF THE BEST.  However, he better realize what I said two weeks ago.  This HAS to be his year, because after 2011 it could be a quick slide into obscurity.  This is a must win situation for Callihan on February 12th.

Callihan…  I say this all as a person wants to see you succeed…  Because God knows how many people that are out there, that don’t deserve the spots on the cards that you do.  And I for one don’t want to be calling a future main event, knowing it should have been Sami Callihan in the featured role!

Until next time…  You stay classy, CZW Fans.
Dan Cowhey

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