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Thursday, December 23, 2010 @ 05:40pm EST

Moore Than Just Another CZW Wrestler

It wasn’t very long ago that Devon Moore was seen as a scumbag who didn’t realize the gift he had.  It wasn’t very long ago when Devon Moore would walk out into The Asylum Arena in South Philadelphia to a chorus of boos and hisses.  Over the last year, there as been countless articles written about how Devon Moore was nothing more than a P.O.S.!Before I got here to CZW, I saw what was being said on the message boards, blogs, etc.  I have to say, I was shocked!  I personally have known Devon since 2006.  I can say that I have always been able to call him a friend.  When he told me he was going to CZW, I was happy for him.  In my opinion, Philly has been the wrestling capital in the United States since the early 90s, and its capital building since 1999 has been CZW.  So anyone who is anyone in professional wrestling must come through CZW to be seen as a serious competitor.  So when Devon told me he was going to CZW, I was happy for him.  He worked so hard and he deserved it.  So to hear the CZW faithful claiming the Devon Moore is a scumbag, it hurt a little.  But then again, I saw all the coverage so I can’t blame all of you for you hatred towards him.

But you’ve all now seen how Devon has changed his ways.  It is a shame that it took the death of a CZW Legend (Trent Acid) to change his ways, but God works in mysterious ways I guess.  You see when I first saw Devon Moore inside the ring it was at a VERY small building in the Kensington section of Philadelphia in the main event match teaming with Drew Blood against two well established wrestlers and you know who won?  Drew and Devon won!  The story would remain the same up until Devon Moore came here to CZW…  Devon was a Main Event player.  It did matter what type of match it was, if it was a showcase match, Devon put on the showcase!  But something changed when he came here to CZW, maybe that was the reason for his undesirable attitude over the last few months… I don’t know.  Since 2008, Devon had inexplicably lost his ability to have “the performance of the night.”  I think that is why I became so upset at someone I call a friend.  He put up a wall and became this scumbag.  But on December 11th at the end of the night, if you had any questions if the “old” Devon Moore was back then you got your answer.  At Cage of Death XII we saw Devon Moore stand victorious in the biggest event of the year!  I saw that look in his eye that I haven’t seen in a VERY long time!

But what’s next for Devon?  I mean it’s pretty safe to say that he banished Cult Fiction from CZW for awhile.  Where does Devon go from here?  In my opinion, Devon should only have one goal in mind now…   CZW WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP!  Why?  Its simple, Devon has proven that he can get ULTRAVIOLENT with the best of them.  But he now has to prove that he can WRESTLE with the best of them.  Like I said, I’ve follow Devon’s career pretty much from the beginning.  I know that Devon can out wrestle almost anybody put in front of him…  But that means nothing here in CZW!  If Devon wants to respect his fallen friend, Trent Acid, he MUST win the ONE title that alluded Acid his entire career!  Time will tell if my prediction is correct. 

It’s now a new year and a chance for Devon to truly restart here in CZW without the interference of Cult Fiction.  It is Devon’s time to shine.  It is now time for him to prove what I’ve always known…  It is time for him to prove that he is “Moore Than Just Another CZW Wrestler!”  And his new proving game begins on Friday night January 7th at the Asylum Arena!

Until next time…  You stay classy, CZW Fans,
Dan Cowhey!/ThePhan11

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