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The Campaign Targets OI4K
Friday, February 22, 2013 @ 11:35am EST has been able to confirm yet another match for CZW Wanted on March 9th from the Flyers Skate Zone in Voorhees, NJ.  The Campaign for a Better Combat Zone led by Drew Gulak will compete in Tag Team Action against Jake and Dave Crist of Ohio Is For Killers.

This tag team contest should prove to be an interesting match to watch considering all the turmoil currently surrounding the Tag Team Division.  First, the Campaign has not had its luck over the last few months.  The problems date back to this fall when at Down With The Sickness both Alexander James and Dewey Donovan were injured during an Intergender bout.  Only a few weeks later, Mr. Tofiga went down with a career threatening leg injury at Redemption.  With much of the campaign on the sidelines for months, it seemed as though Gulak sought out and received help from not the most legitimate of sources.  No one is exactly sure how or why Niles “Sozio” Young has so much “street cred.”  But one thing is for sure, Sozio and his Front are clearly not happy with their current arrangement with Gulak and his Campaign.  Gulak can thank his lucky stars that his head of security Mr. Tofiga returned early from his injury to bail the Campaign out of the mess it was in at the 14th Anniversary event.  With the Campaign fully in tact, Gulak can once again start to make the changes he so desperately wants.  With the tag team division in such disarray, Gulak’s campaign could weasel their way into a Tag Team Championship Match in the future.

On the other side of the ring it will be OI4K.  This summer, OI4K became famous for their anarchist ways but times have quickly changed.  Twice now, this team has had their Tag Team Championship opportunities taken away from them because of executive decisions made by CZW Management.  OI4K are in need of a victory after the embarrassment they suffered at the 14th Anniversary event, when BLK OUT caused yet another near riot at the Flyers Skate Zone.

As state before, this should be a very interesting match to follow with all of the variables currently in play.  The staff at believes that both teams may need to keep an eye out behind them at all times.  Sozio clearly was looking to make the Campaign “pay” at the 14th Anniversary. Meanwhile, BLK OUT seemingly not only has a vendetta against CZW staff but OI4K as well. is looking to reach out to both “outside parties” for comments, but has yet to receive return messages to find out what their ultimate goals truly are.

No matter what happens, we know that the Campaign and OI4K are looking to make statements at Wanted on March 9th.  If you haven’t gotten you tickets yet for this major event, do so now at the CZW Pro Shop as tickets are sure to go fast now!  To discuss this and all the matches taking place on March 9th from the Flyers Skate Zone in Voorhees, NJ, "Like" CZW on Facebook and/or Follow CZW on Twitter @combatzone #CZW!

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