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Tale of the Tape: Devon Moore
Sunday, June 3, 2012 @ 06:58am EDT

As CZW counts down the days until the 11th annual Tournament of Death, we here at have decided to give you the inside scoop on the nine competitors.  Next on the list is the former CZW World Champion…  “The Notorious” Devon Moore.

If there is one wrestler that can draw a reaction from the crowd, be it positive or negative, every time he comes to the ring it is Devon Moore.  Moore has a personality that either you love him for or you hate him for.  But there is no denying that Devon Moore is truly one of the top and most versatile athletes in the sport today.

Moore debuted in the world of professional wrestling in 2001.  However, he did not start seeing success until the middle of the decade when he became a prominent figure in the Philadelphia wrestling scene.  It was around that time that Devon Moore became close friends with the late Trent Acid.  Acid took Devon Moore under his wing and brought Devon Moore to some of his greatest moments.

In 2008, Moore came to the Combat Zone to follow in his mentor’s footsteps.  It wasn’t until last year’s Best of the Best X that Moore earned his first Championship in CZW.  However, that win was a highlight of Moore’s career as he one the only title that eluded Trent Acid.  So elated with the win, Moore dedicated his nearly year long title reign to the memory of CZW Legend, Trent Acid.

Despite all these successes, it seems like every time Moore is without championship gold he personifies the word “scumbag.”  He has been known to turn on friends, annoy fans, and mock the in-ring abilities of his colleagues.  It is those qualities that make him hated by some.  But what endears him to the crowd is the notion that he is a guy that you can hang out at the bar with and have MANY adult beverages with.  It is that quality that got him inducted in the Nation of Intoxication with Danny Havoc and Lucky tHURTeen.

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) for the Nation of Intoxication they will do battle in the first round of Tournament of Death XI.  They actually get to be the only men that get to drink on the job as their match is a Drunken Scaffold Match!  Basically they will have to (get to) take shots of alcohol between maneuvers!  Believe it or not, Devon Moore is actually a veteran in this match as he and Danny Havoc did battle in the only other Drunken Scaffold Match in history at Betretet Die Combat Zone 2 in Germany and actually WON!’s Tale of the Tape:
Name:  Devon Moore
Height:  5 ft 10 in
Weight:  175 lb
Born:  October 1 in Philadelphia, PA
From:  Philadelphia, PA
Trained by:  O Dogg & John Kronus
Debut:  November 31, 2001
Finishing moves:  Shooting Star Splash
Signature moves:  Moore Than Just An Elbow (Running Elbow into the Corner), STO, Verdi Kick (Yakuza Kick)
     Combat Zone Wrestling
          CZW World Heavyweight Champion (1)
     Pro Wrestling Unplugged
          PWU World Heavyweight Champion (2)
          PWU Junior Heavyweight Champion (1)
          PWU Tag Team Champion (1) (w/ Drew Blood)
     Pro Wrestling Syndicate
          PWS Heavyweight Champion (2)
     World Xtreme Wrestling (US)
          WXW World Cruiserweight Champion (2)
Tournament Wins:
     IWA Mid-South
          King of the Deathmatches 2008
          King and Queen of the Ring 2008 (w/Alicia)
     Fight Club: Pro
          Bound to Violence 2011

Be there on June 23rd at the Ultraviolent Underground in Townsend, Delaware as Devon Moore attempts to finally conquer THE Tournament of Death!  Can a drunken Devon Moore take home the Tournament of Death Trophy?  Find out by getting your tickets to Tournament of Death XI NOW at the CZW Pro Shop!  To join in on the conversation about Tournament of Death XI by simply “Liking” CZW on Facebook or by Following CZW on Twitter @combatzone #TOD.

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