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Tale of the Tape: Chiva Kid
Tuesday, March 26, 2013 @ 03:51pm EDT

In 18 days, CZW presents the most prestigious tournament in the wrestling world…  Best of the Best XII!  As continues to countdown the days, we plan to introduce you to the new faces in this year’s tournament.  The first “person” we look at today is the High Flying Mexican Goat, Chiva Kid!

Chiva Kid is a Mexican-American Professional Wrestler who commonly competes in between the promotions of Pro Wrestling International and CWF Mid-Atlantic. He makes his home at CWF Mid-Atlantic, a company in which he has had much success winning multiple titles and even capturing the PWI Ultra Junior title.  The wild and crazy high-flying Mexican goat is not only a former Ultra J Champion but perhaps the most popular star on the CWF Mid-Atlantic roster.

In early February, this relative unknown made an impact that instantaneously earned himself a spot in Best of the Best XII.  The date was February 2, 2013.  Chiva Kid teamed with Arik Royal to take on Ric Converse and Trevor Lee in the CWF Mid-Atlantic showcase match.  It was the closing moments of the match where Chiva Kid stole the entire day’s worth of events when he hit a DOUBLE MOONSAULT on Trevor Lee for the victory.  That one moment changed the course of his career.  Immediately following the match, CZW Officials signed Chiva Kid to compete in this year’s Best of the Best XII.

Chiva Kid may look like a crazy person wearing a soccer uniform and a goat mask, but in 18 days, this man…  or goat…  Has a chance to stand amongst 11 other men who have been able to call themselves “Best of the Best.”  Could he steal the show again on even a grander stage?’s Tale of the Tape:
Name:  Chiva Kid
Nickname(s):  The High Flying Mexican Goat
Born:  July 14, 1990 (age 22)
From:  Guadalajara, Mexico
Debut:  October 13, 2007

CWF Mid-Atlantic

     CWF Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Championship (with Arik Royal) (1 time)

Pro Wrestling International
     PWI Ultra J Championship (1 time)

Be there as Chiva Kid makes his Combat Zone debut at WrestleCon in the Aerial Assault Match.  Can you imagine the Double Moonsault from one of the Aerial Assault Launch Pads?  For tickets and complete details on WrestleCon please visit, WrestleCon.comTickets for Best of the Best XII are already available at the CZW Pro Shop.  If you cannot join CZW live for either event, both events will be broadcast LIVE on iPPV EXCLUSIVELY at  To discuss all things Best of the Best XII, "Like" CZW on Facebook and/or Follow CZW on Twitter @combatzone #CZW or #BOTBXIIFor exclusive updates to your mobile phone, text CZWText to 84483.

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