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Rickey Shane Page Returns to Face Danny Havoc at COD
Monday, November 23, 2015 @ 07:45pm EST

CZW Officials are hard at work looking to make this year's Cage of Death the biggest event possible.  Tonight, Officials can confirm an Ultraviolent Rules Match for the December 12th event at the Flyers Skate Zone in Voorhees, NJ.  Rickey Shane Page makes his return to the Combat Zone to face off against the Nation of Intoxication's Danny Havoc in a rematch from Tournament of Death 14.  It was earlier this year when RSP made his long await debut in CZW in the first round of the bloodiest tournament in professional wrestling.  He was given true test as he went up against the Deathmatch Viking a Light Tube Bundles Deathmatch.  Unfortunately for the straight edge competitor, he was on the losing end of that war.  However, he earn the respect from the crowd who were instantly clamoring for a return.  He even earned the respect of the Deathmatch Drunkard himself, after the match Havoc offered him a beer for his efforts which he turned down.  Page gets a rare second chance to make his mark on the Combat Zone when he returns at Cage of Death XVII.  This time, can he make a statement at the biggest event of the year?  Or will Havoc forever have his number?  Needless to say, there a different circumstances that bring these two men into the match.  RSP looking to earn a spot on the roster, while Havoc looking to stand his ground.  Stay logged onto as Officials plan to confirm a majority of the December 12th card THIS WEEK!  Get your tickets for Cage of Death XVII NOW at the CZW Ticket Outlet starting at $25.  For those unable to attend, Cage of Death XVII will broadcasted LIVE on  To discuss Cage of Death XVII"Like" CZW on Facebook or follow CZW on Twitter @combatzone #CZW #COD17.
Deathmatch Trial Series Confirmed to Begin at Deja Vu
Thursday, February 26, 2015 @ 08:00pm EST

At CZW Sixteen, Danny Havoc returned to the Combat Zone after a six month absence.  Havoc reintroduced the world to the pledge of the Nation of Intoxication "Wrench" Conor Claxton.  Havoc informed his protege that he will be taking his final examination over the next three months.  To be considered a full fledged member of the Nation, as well as the CZW Roster, he will have to compete in a Deathmatch Trial Series.  Havoc named his first opponent as the Alpha Predator of the Nation...  Lucky 13!  Tonight, CZW Officials can confirm this match for Deja Vu on March 14th from the Flyers Skate Zone in Voorhees, NJ.  Tickets for Deja Vu are on sale NOW at the CZW Ticket Outlet.  This year's Deja Vu event will be broadcast LIVE on  To join the discussion on Deja Vu"Like" CZW on Facebook or follow CZW on Twitter @combatzone #CZW #DejaVu.
Havoc and Tremont's War Rages On
Sunday, June 22, 2014 @ 09:26pm EDT

The latest match for New Heights on July 12th has been confirmed by CZW Officials.  Danny Havoc will team with a partner of his choosing to take on Matt Tremont and a partner of his choosing.  But that is not all, this will be a Ultraviolent Tag Team Encounter.  With both men considered being the top deathmatch competitors today, one can only imagine just how violent this war can get! [more]
CZW Names Busick's First Challenger
Tuesday, May 27, 2014 @ 08:18am EDT

After deliberating through the Memorial Day Weekend, CZW Officials have finally named Biff Busick's first challenger.  At Prelude to Violence THIS SATURDAY, Biff Busick will defend the CZW World Championship against the "Deathmatch Drunkard" Danny Havoc!  Traditionally, the CZW World Champion has shown to be a "Hybrid Wrestler."  This means that the Champion must be able to compete against all styles and all competitors.  Since being a part of the Combat Zone, Busick has not really faced a "Deathmatch Wrestler."  For Busick, this is a true test of his abilities.  A win for Havoc heading into Tournament of Death Thirteen could be the momentum he needs to become the first-ever three-time winner.  However, there is a reason why Busick is the heavy hand of the Front.  Busick could change the landscape some more just before the infamous tournament.  This will be just another of many matches taking place THIS SATURDAY that you will not want to miss!  Tickets are still on sale at the CZW Ticket Outlet.   To discuss this match and every match heading into Prelude to Violencebe sure to like us on Facebook and join in on the conversation on Twitter @combatzone #CZW. Make sure you are there as the 2014 Summer of Ultraviolence kicks off in Dayton, OH! 
First Match Confirmed for CZW's Rhode Island Debut
Thursday, March 13, 2014 @ 09:21pm EDT

On Saturday night at High Stakes, Danny Havoc addressed the audience with a few major announcements.  After his announcements, Havoc planned to celebrate Lucky 13's inclusion into Best of the Best XIII on April 12th.  However, Matt Tremont had other plans and attacked Havoc.  Ever since falling from the top of the Cage of Death in December, the Bulldozer has made it his mission to systematically dismantle the Nation of Intoxication.  Not being afraid of a fight, the Deathmatch Drunkard challenged Tremont to a match at CZW's Rhode Island debut.  CZW Officials confirmed the grudge match for To Infinity LIVE on on Sunday April 27th from the Fete Music Hall in Providence, Rhode Island.  Tickets will be made available soon at the CZW Ticket Outlet.  For those who cannot be there, you can enjoy the show from the comfort of home the very next day at  To discuss everything CZW, be sure to "Like" CZW on Facebook and join in on the conversation on Twitter @combatzone #CZW.  
Drake Younger's FINAL Night in the Combat Zone on April 12th
Tuesday, March 11, 2014 @ 07:36am EDT

For weeks, the Combat Zone was left on the edge of its collective seats as Danny Havoc prepared a major announcement for High Stakes.  Last week, rumors began to circulate media outlets about Drake Younger's wrestling career.  Finally this past Saturday night at High Stakes, Havoc confirmed the rumors about Younger's wrestling career.  But with the sad news that Younger's time in CZW will be coming to an end, the Deathmatch Drunkard had some good news.  Havoc went on to announce that Younger would be returning HOME to CZW for ONE LAST TIME at Best of the Best XIII on April 12th.  CZW Officials have confirmed Younger's final appearance that night, however they have not confirmed Younger's final match just yet. expects an announcement regarding Younger's final match very soon.  Be sure to stay logged onto this site for the latest information involving Younger's final opponent.  Tickets for Younger's final CZW appearance at the Flyers Skate Zone in Voorhees, NJ are available NOW at the CZW Ticket Outlet.  For those who cannot attend live, follow all the action at  To keep up on all things CZW, be sure to "Like" CZW on Facebook and join in on the conversation on Twitter @combatzone #CZW #BOTBXIII.
International Ultraviolent Extravaganza Coming January 11th
Monday, December 16, 2013 @ 11:00pm EST

We're only 48 hours removed from the most watch Cage of Death in history, but there is no down time for the Combat Zone!  CZW Officials remain hard at work to make 2014 even better than 2013!  The first Ultraviolent Rules Match has already been signed for the January 11th event!  It will be an International Ultraviolent Extravaganza, when one of Mexico's top prospects comes to challenge the Deathmatch Drunkard.  Aero Boy, in his CZW debut, will take on Danny Havoc in an Ultraviolent Rules Match!  Stay logged onto for Aero Boy's Tale of the Tape.  Tickets for the January 11th event from the Flyers Skate Zone in Voorhees, NJ will be going on sale soon at the CZW Ticket Outlet   Once again, this next great event will be broadcast LIVE on for those who cannot be in attendance.  Stay logged onto for more details on this event as they become available.  To discuss everything CZW, "Like" CZW on Facebook or follow CZW on Twitter (@combatzone) #CZW.
The Friendship Continues to Deteriorate
Wednesday, May 1, 2013 @ 01:00pm EDT

It is not an uncommon occurrence in professional wrestling for strong friendships to be formed between groups of wrestlers.  At the same time, it’s also not uncommon to see those same friendships fall apart.  It is just sad fact of life for professional wrestlers.  You can blame the loss of a friend to life on the road, to politics, to competition, and number of trials and tribulations that wrestlers have on a daily basis. [more]
Quick Results from Friday's GI Bill
Tuesday, April 30, 2013 @ 08:44pm EDT

Combat Zone Wrestling and the Maven Bentley Association teamed up once again on Friday night support of a good cause.  The Front faced off against the team of Latin Dragon and Lance Steel, known as Masked Steel. The Chainsaw Joe Gacy faced off against both Devon Moore and Rory Mondo. Also for the first time ever at an MBA event there was an ULTRAVIOLENT RULES MATCH! Danny Havoc faced off against the Bulldozer Matt Tremont in an Armed Combat Match. All this and so much more went down on Friday night, continue reading to find out what happened! [more]
CZW & MBA present GI Bill TONIGHT in Philadelphia!
Friday, April 26, 2013 @ 03:30pm EDT

Combat Zone Wrestling and the Maven Bentley Association team up once again TONIGHT in support of a good cause. Announced for TONIGHT’S huge event, the Front will face off against the team of Latin Dragon and Lance Steel, known as Masked Steel. The Chainsaw Joe Gacy will face off against the Scumbag Devon Moore. Also for the first time ever at an MBA event there will be a ULTRAVIOLENT RULES MATCH! Danny Havoc will face off against the Bulldozer Matt Tremont in an Armed Combat Match. Also scheduled to be in action is the CZW World Tag Team Champions BLK OUT and MAVEN BENTLEY himself! TONIGHT from the Vogt Recreation Center in Philadelphia at 7PM. To discuss all things CZW related, be sure to "Like" CZW on Facebook and/or Follow CZW on Twitter @combatzone #CZW

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