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Ultraviolent Playlist: CZW Legends Edition
Thursday, September 11, 2014 @ 09:32pm EDT

Anyone who knows me knows I'm a firm believer in respecting/acknowledging the past & those who came before you. When Drew Gulak announced last month at "Heat" that he was bringing in legendary names from CZW's past to fight Sozio & the Front at "Down With the Sickness", I immediately had pangs of nostalgia & thought of a much different time in CZW. The CZW of yesteryear was a tumultuous battleground where at times, anarchy reigned. Inside & outside forces fought for dominance of the federation & extreme violence was known to break out even at the most unlikely times. The CZW of yesteryear was a time when guys like Sozio, BLK-Jeez, & even the boss himself...DJ Hyde, were on the opening matches of shows. The CZW of yesteryear was a time when guys like Drew Gulak, CZW Senior Official Nick Papagiorgio, & current members of the staff were fans in the crowd. After scouring the Ultraviolent Archives, I've managed to put together an Ultraviolent Playlist consisting of my personal favorite matches you should check out featuring returning CZW legends The Messiah, Adam Flash, & "Spyder" Nate Webb. It will serve as a trip down memory lane for some & get you acquainted with the Combat Zone's past while hyping you up for this Saturday. You may have to dust off your VCRs to enjoy some of these: [more]
6/2 - CZW News and Notes - New Match added, CZW Wired Update, ZANDIG, and more!

- The rivalry between former BLKOUT mates RUCKUS and SABIAN has taken a more serious turn in recent months. Following the official disbanding of the BLKOUT label following a defeat against 'The Best Around' in a match that Ruckus himself was not present for, the rivalry between the former CZW World Champ and the "Blk Jeez' has gone from competitive, to very personal.
6/2 - 2 New Matches added to CZW's June 12th return to Philadelphia!

With the Summer of Ultraviolence just around the corner, business has picked up substantially in the Combat Zone. Over at, several new exclusive video messages have been posted from the CZW locker room, and as a result, two new matches been confirmed for our huge June 12th return to the CZW Arena in South Philly for "Lines in the Sand"!
5/20 - CZW News and Notes: DYSFUNCTION returns to the Ultraviolent Underground on June 26th at CZW's Tournament of Death 9, new episode of WIRED and more! [more]

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