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Representing the Switchblade Conspiracy in the tournament will be Sami Callihan and Joe Gacy.  They were able to qualify for the tournament in Lumberton, North Carolina on August 7 at "Southern Violence" as they defeated the combination of Scotty Vortekz and Danny Havoc.

The combination of Sami Callihan and Joe Gacy is a dangerous one, for evidence, just look at what they have done to DJ Hyde at "Lines In The Sand" and "Home Sweet Home" over the past couple of months.  These two men will stop at nothing to deliver punishment to their opposition and put their own bodies on the line if it can get them a victory.

At press time of this article, Callihan and Gacy find themselves embroiled in a heated, hate-filled rivalry with DJ Hyde and Greg Excellent.  Will Callihan and Gacy be able to focus on the tournament?  Better yet, will they even be able to wrestle in the tournament?  A Tangled Web 3 has yet to happen and may drastically alter the chances the Switchblades have to go far in the tournament.

Both Callihan and Gacy want to bring championship gold back into the fold of the Switchblade Conspiracy.  With Jon Moxley looking to regain the CZW World Heavyweight Title and Callihan & Gacy looking as good and as violent and they ever have, the Switchblade Conspiracy may be the hungriest group in Combat Zone Wrestling.

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