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Tag Title Tournament Entrant Profile...Osirian Portal
Tuesday, August 10, 2010 @ 03:17pm EDT

Ophidian and Amasis are the only CZW outsiders who accepted the invitation into the tag team tournament.  Teaming with each other on a regular basis since 2007, these two are ready to make an impact in the Combat Zone, much like they have in various other promotions all over the United States.
Being the only outside team in this tournament could either help or hurt The Osirian Portal.  The Portal may not know how to alter their game plan to the ultraviolent nature of the Combat Zone, which could lead to an uncharacteristic early exit for them.  Conversely, the Portal may be able to surprise their opponents by adapting to their surroundings and gain a series of victories on the way to winning the tournament.

Ophidian and Amasis are masters of the tag team wrestling dynamic, and are also well skilled in the art of lucha libre, which is a discipline of professional wrestling which makes them unique to the majority of the other teams in the tournament.  They are also well traveled competitors having competed in Ring of Honor, Full Impact Pro, Jersey All Pro Wrestling, NWA Force 1, wXw in Germany, Zero-One in Japan, and most notably Chikara, where they were Campeanatos de Parejas (tag team champions) for 11 months, among various other promotions worldwide.

The Osirian Portal can definitely go far in this tournament...that is if they are able to adapt to the CZW style of wrestling.  They are a proven team with a lengthy list of accomplishments.  They also may have the most to prove to themselves and the fans since they are the only outside team involved in this tournament.  If the crowd response to their names at "Home Sweet Home" is any indication, the fans are ready for them, now the only question is this - are they ready for CZW?

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