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State of the Dub: ANARCHY!
Friday, July 20, 2012 @ 02:32am EDT

Everyone who was in attendance this past weekend in Voorhees, NJ & watching on iPPV saw the events that transpired. Nobody could have predicted that CZW's ascent to "New Heights" would take the company into a state of anarchy by the time the evening ended. SAMI CALLIHAN had just recaptured the CZW World Jr. Heavyweight Championship. Seizing an opportunity, AR FOX cashed in his guaranteed championship match only seconds after the 60 minute ultraviolent iron man concluded. The weakened "Death Machine" was no match for the man who came close to capturing the CZW World Championship earlier in the evening. As Fox celebrated his win, the lights went off in the Flyers Skate Zone & a masked assailant threw a fireball into his face.

The last person anyone expected to see standing in the ring was Wired TV Champion DAVE CRIST. An infuriated Callihan assaulted Fox & ran his mouth until JAKE CRIST stormed the ring brandishing a steel chair. What happened next is something I'm still floored by 5 days later. Jake seemingly put aside his differences with his brother & wrapped the chair around the back of the Combat Zone's Vice President instead of aiding Fox! Callihan took to the microphone again to inform everyone that he was declaring total anarchy in the Combat Zone. Members of the Combat Zone roster emptied the backstage area in an attempt to dispose of this unholy trifecta. Now referring to themselves as OI4K: Ohio is for Killers, they battled just about everyone from the locker-room & stood their ground.

Then the music of the CZW World Champion, MASADA, blared on the speakers. Hitting the ring like a house of fire, the Ultraviolent Beast threw those involved in the melee out left & right. Bodies hit the floor until only Masada remained in the ring standing tall. Grabbing the microphone, he made it known that if a state of anarchy exists, he would be the one to bring it in. No sooner had the decree been made than JOKER made a long awaited return to CZW. Standing toe to toe with the world champion, Joker jaw jacked with Masada but didn't make his intentions known. Leaving through the crowd, Joker ignored all questions from CZW staff & fans alike about where he's been & his intentions.

If the Combat Zone is truly in a state of anarchy, things are about to get very interesting as members of the CZW roster prepare to go to Japan at the end of the month & as we approach a staple of the Summer of Ultraviolence; "Tangled Web V". If this state of anarchy truly exists, CZW Owner DJ HYDE is going to have more than MATT TREMONT to worry about next month in the confines of the Tangled Web. If this state of anarchy does exist, then CZW is about to become an even more unpredictable & dangerous place as we approach the third anniversary of the Hyde Era.

Written for by CJ Becker

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