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Something To Prove
Monday, May 9, 2011 @ 07:08am EDT

It's been said that Best of the Best is a chance to make a name for yourself.  A few weeks ago, members of CZW's press and commentary teams published their thoughts on who would win the tournament and take home the prestigious trophy.  My prediction not only didn't win the tournament, but he didn't even advance past the first round.  In fact, he was the first man eliminated in the tournament.  Since returning to the Combat Zone late last year, AKUMA easily dispatched all who stood in his way to not only secure, but retain his place in the tournament on more than one occasion.  The Warrior's loss was delivered to him by a man he had beaten twice before in JONATHAN GRESHAM.  An impressive young man who has quickly made a name for himself in the Combat Zone, Gresham took out Akuma but was then eliminated himself.  Everyone in the Combat Zone was abuzz with the news of the elimination.  Some attribute it to having an off day...that his head wasn't in it.  Some attribute it to overconfidence.  Whatever the reason, one of the most feared men in CZW is not the current Best of the Best.

Last weekend, CZW held Wired TV tapings at the Asylum Arena.  Looking to get back into the game, Akuma faced the debuting LATIN DRAGON.  In what should have been an easy win, Akuma found himself staring at the Arena's ceiling again for a three count.  Those in attendance, from fans to staff alike, couldn't believe the rookie bested a seasoned veteran like Akuma.  To make the loss even worse, the woman responsible for bringing Akuma back to CZW, KIMBER LEE, was seen accosting and even kicking him after the match ended.

Each man has something to prove.  Jonathan Gresham is out to prove to the CZW fans that his elimination of Akuma at Best of the Best was not a fluke and that he can beat him in a one on one match.  Akuma is out to prove that he is indeed one of the most fearsome competitors in the Combat Zone.  With that in mind, CZW Management has decided that these two men will once again do battle with each other one on one.  On Saturday, May 14 when CZW presents "Proving Grounds", Akuma will square off with Jonathan Gresham.  In singles action, Akuma is 2-0 against Gresham.  With something to prove, each man is dangerous.  With a point to prove, who has the stronger will?

Tickets for Proving Grounds as well as "Tournament of Death X" on Saturday, June 25th in Townsend, Delaware are currently on sale in the CZW Pro Shop.  The Summer of Ultraviolence is quickly approaching.  Don't get your tickets now!!!

Written for by CJ Becker

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