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Six Men... One Chance To Impress
Wednesday, January 26, 2011 @ 05:34pm EST

TWELVE years ago, John Zandig set out and created the Combat Zone.  He had a vision to not only showcase ULTRAVIOLENT wrestlers, but to also showcase the very BEST JUNIOR HEAVYWEIGHTS.  Current CZW Owner, DJ HYDE, continues that tradition THIS APRIL!  On April 9, 2011 for the tenth time in CZW history, CZW will host its famed BEST OF THE BEST tournament.

This year, Hyde has opened the tournament to outside promotions to send in their talent against the top talent CZW has to offer.  So this year, CZW stars have limited spots available to them.  Over the past few days, you have been viewing comments from some of CZW's top Junior Heavyweights who currently have not qualified for this year's BEST OF THE BEST, but are willing to go through HELL to get a chance!  CZW Officials have decided to schedule a very special SIX MAN MATCH for its 12th Anniversary event on FEBRUARY 12TH.  This match will pit JONATHON GRESHAM, RYAN MCBRIDE, RICH SWANN, AARON ARBO, A.R. FOX, and TY HAGEN (The Former Tyler Veritas).  This match WILL be a BEST OF THE BEST Qualifying match!  These six men now have that ONE CHANCE to impress and to be BEST OF THE BEST 2011!


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