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Results from the CZW Tour in Japan
Friday, January 4, 2013 @ 05:53pm EST

Last week, the stars of Combat Zone Wrestling return to the “Land of the Rising Sun” for one last tour for 2012/first tour for 2013.  Right now, has been able to secure results from the first days of action.

December 30
BJW - Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan

1. Shinobu & Kazuki Hashimoto vs. Brahman Shu & Brahman Kei - Double Countout (2:20).
1a. Shinobu & Kazuki Hashimoto beat Brahman Shu & Brahman Kei (6:13)
2. Daisuke Sekimoto & Yuji Okabayashi beat Shinya Ishikawa & Bad Bones (11:56)
3. Heisei Yakuza Combination vs. Sumerian Death Squad: Tommy End & Michael Dante beat Kankuro Hoshino & Masato Inaba (7:14)
4. Fluorescent Lighttubes Death Match: Takashi Sasaki, Shuji Ishikawa & The Winger beat Ryuji Ito, Shadow WX & Takumi Tsukamoto (14:01)
5. Falls Count Anywhere Death Match: "Black Angel" Jaki Numazawa, Drake Younger & Danny Havoc beat Yuko Miyamoto, Isami Kodaka & Masashi Taketa (10:55)
6. Strong BJ vs. Violence CZ: Yoshihito Sasaki beat DJ Hyde (10:43)
7. Japan-America Death Match Summit ~ YAKITORI (Nail of Death) Death Match: Abdullah Kobayashi beat MASADA (18:18)

December 31
BJW/DDT/K-DOJO - Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan

1. DDT vs. BJW: Takao Soma beat Kazuki Hashimoto (7:40)
2. BJW vs. vs. KAIENTAI-DOJO Tag Match: Shinya Ishikawa & Shinobu beat Taishi Takizawa & Yuki Sato (9:00)
3. KAIENTAI-DOJO vs. DDT 6 Man Tag Match: TAKA Michinoku, Daigoro Kashiwa & PSYCHO beat MIKAMI, Masa Takanashi & Akito (8:00)
4. Cinderella Championship Match: Shimizu Mototsugu beat Emi Sakura, Bambi, Shimizu Mototsugu, The Winger, Karate Brahman, Yasu Urano, Endo Mame, Ken Ohka, Ricky Fuji, Atsushi Ohashi, Tomomitsu Matsunaga, & Makoto Oishi (15:00)
5. WHCTLC, Double Ring Hardcore Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Match: MASADA, Masashi Takeda & Hoshitango beat “Black Angel” Jaki Numazawa, Danny Havoc & Saburo Inematsu (11:00)
6. Tag Gauntlet Match:
6.a.: Shu & Kei Brahman beat Antonio Honda & Daisuke Sasaki (5:–)
6.b.: Shu & Kei Brahman beat Menso~re Oyaji & Golden Pine (1:–)
6.c.: Tommy End & Micheal Dante beat Shu & Kei Brahman (3:–)
6.d.: Tommy End & Micheal Dante beat Tsutomu Osugi & Hercules Senga
6.e.: Tommy End & Micheal Dante beat Keisuke Ishii & Shigehiro Irie
6.f.: Sanshiro Takagi & Abdullah Kobayashi beat Tommy End & Micheal Dante
6.g.: "Get Wild" Takao Omori & Manabu Soya defeated Sanshiro Takagi & Abdullah Kobayashi
7. Fluorescent Light-tube 6 Man Tag Deathmatch: Yuko Miyamoto [666], Isami Kodaka [Union] & Takumi Tsukamoto [BJW] beat Ryuji Ito [BJW], Drake Younger [CZW] & Ryuichi Sekine [K-DOJO] (18:00)
8. Osamu Nishimura tapped out Hiroshi Fukuda (9:00)
9. 6 Man Tag Match: Daisuke Sekimoto [BJW], Yuji Hino [K-DOJO] & Shuji Ishikawa [Union] beat Hiroo Tsumaki [Union], Hideyoshi Kamitani [BJW] & Tank Nagai [K-DOJO]
10. BJW vs. DDT vs. KAIENTAI DOJO 3WAY Tag Match: HARASHIMA/Danshoku Dino beat Kengo Mashimo/Shiori Asahi & Yoshihito Sasaki/Yuji Okabayashi (16:00)
11. Abdullah Kobayashi beat Shiori Asahi(4:00)

January 2
BJW - Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan
1. Kazuki Hashimoto & Hideyoshi Kamitani beat Atsushi Ohashi & Amigo Suzuki (10:04)
2. Daisuke Sekimoto, Yuji Okabayashi & DJ Hyde beat Shinya Ishikawa, Bad Bones & Shinobu (14:20)
3. Falls Count Anywhere Death Match: Takashi Sasaki, Shadow WX, Brahman Shu & Brahman Kei beat Ryuji Ito, Kankuro Hoshino, Takumi Tsukamoto & Masato Inaba (15:03)
4. World War 2013 Death Match: "Black Angel" Jaki Numazawa, Drake Younger & Danny Havoc beat Jun Kasai, MASADA & Masashi Takeda (13:51)
5. BJW World Strong Heavyweight Title: Manabu Soya beat champion Yoshihito Sasaki (12:26)
6. BJW Tag Team Title: Yuko Miyamoto & Isami Kodaka (c) beat Tommy End & Michael Dante (15:10)
7. BJW Death Match Heavyweight Title, Glass Board & New Year Death Match: Shuji Ishikawa beat champion Abdullah Kobayashi (19:37)

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