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Results from Saturday’s New Heights!
Monday, July 16, 2012 @ 07:09pm EDT

CZW ascended to New Heights in our new home at the Flyers Skate Zone. Grudges were far from settled, a new champion was crowned, & all out anarchy was declared by the time the evening was over. To find out what happened, you can order New Heights on  or continue reading for full results.
Pre-iPPV Contest
Shane Strickland defeated the returning Kore in a special pre-iPPV match where both men were out to impress CZW officials. Despite Kore's best efforts, Shane Strickland stood victorious.

Alex Colon w/Chrissy Rivera defeated Devon Moore
After refusing to face Ruckus, Devon Moore took himself out of the "Up the Ladder" Scramble Match to face Colon. Moore, who was runnin' on Dunkin' throughout most of the match appeared to have the upper hand. The momentum shifted to Colon's favor, however, & he pinned the former World Champion for the win after a devastating move from the top rope.

Joe Gacy defeated Mia Yim, Ruckus, Dustin Rayz, Latin Dragon, Niles Young, Rory Mondo, & Drew Gulak
Everyone was looking to move up the proverbial ladder in CZW in this scramble style bout. Ultimately, it was Joe Gacy who emerged victorious after a vicious powerbomb onto Mia Yim. Ever since the dissolution of the Runaways in May, Gacy has been on a roll in CZW & is looking to advance further in the rankings.

Jake Crist & Greg Excellent defeated CZW Wired TV Champion Dave Crist & CZW Ownder DJ Hyde
These 4 men are no strangers to each other & were out to make a statement. The action was back & forth up until referee Kris Levin was knocked out. Before Hyde & Dave Crist could capitalize on the situation, Matt Tremont emerged from the back & assaulted the boss. Greg Excellent & Jake Crist took the win. Just as it looked as if the boss' night couldn't get any worse, Greg Excellent reminded everyone of the stipulation from last year's Cage of Death. As a result of beating DJ Hyde in their match, Greg has 3 wishes he can use at any time. Another wish was granted as Greg said the boss had ducked Tremont for the last time. Matt Tremont will finally get DJ Hyde one on one in the confines of the TANGLED WEB next month!

Azrieal & Bandido Jr. defeated Danny Havoc & Lucky 13 to retain the CZW World Tag Team Championship
The Nation of Intoxication looked to add the CZW World Tag Team Championship to their list of accolades after being forced to compete against each other at Tournament of Death. Just as it looked as if new champions would be crowned, Chrissy Rivera cracked Lucky 13 in the back with a purse that appeared to have a large brick concealed in it. The reign of Azrieal & Bandido Jr continues.

MASADA defeated AR Fox to retain the CZW World Heavyweight Championship
In an off the charts match that one would assume to be the ultimate styles clash, Masada & AR Fox gave everyone a fight to remember. Fox's high flying almost seemed to be enough to end the reign of the Ultraviolent Beast. Ultimately, Masada proved to be more than Fox could handle and scored the win.

Sami Callihan defeated Drake Younger to become the new CZW World Jr. Heavyweight Champion
Nobody could have predicted the destruction these two warriors caused in one hour at the Flyers Skate Zone. Tables, guardrails, & other instruments of destruction were utilized as these two men beat the holy Hell out of each other all around the building. Both men had 4 victories each over the other approaching the final minute of this match of the year candidate. With seconds left, Drake Younger tapped out & Sami Callihan regained the championship he lost in May at Cinco de Mayo. But his celebration would be short lived.

AR Fox defeated Sami Callihan to become the new CZW World Jr. Heavyweight Champion
Not even able to relish his victory, Callihan found himself in the ring with the man who was awarded a guaranteed title match for any championship in CZW at any time at Best of the Best. Fox cashed in & defeated Callihan for the belt he had won only seconds prior.

After the victory, the lights went out in the Flyers Skate Zone & a masked assailant threw a fireball into Fox's face. When the lights came back on, Wired TV Champion Dave Crist stood in the ring over the fallen Fox with Callihan. Callihan ranted to the crowd as Maven Bentley & CZW staff tried to get Fox out of harm's way. Jake Crist stormed the ring with a steel chair in hand & got in the faces of Callihan & his brother, only to attack Maven with the chair. The trio fought off CZW security & proclaimed that anarchy was being declared in the Combat Zone. A wild brawl ensued as nearly the entire CZW locker room emptied out of the backstage area into the ring. CZW World Champion Masada hit the ring & started throwing people out left & right, until he was the last man standing. Proclaiming that if anarchy was being declared, he would be the one to usher it in. No sooner had he said the words than Joker emerged from the back & stood toe to toe with Masada. After making his intentions known that he wants a shot at the gold, Joker left the ring & exited the building through the crowd.

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