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Results from Prelude to Violence
Monday, June 13, 2011 @ 09:26am EDT

CZW returned home on Saturday night to the Asylum Arena in South Philadelphia to kick off the “Summer of Ultraviolence” with Prelude to Violence.  It was an evening that had its share of blood, sweat, and tears as CZW prepares for Tournament of Death X!

The night started off with “The Ego” Robert Anthony, celebrating his birthday, by bullying Kit Osbourne around for an easy win.  Anthony then called out CZW World Heavyweight champion, DEVON MOORE.  Moore was happy to respond to Anthony’s request.  The two men battled through the crowd and up to the second floor balcony where Philly’s Most Wanted jumped in and all three men then THREW DEVON MOORE OVER THE BALCONY & THROUGH TWO TABLES ON THE FLOOR!

BLK OUT definitely made it a memorable re-launch party as the team of Alex Colon and Ruckus defeated The Runaways.

•    Young Athletes Rising Fast Match – #1 Contender to the CZW Wired TV Championship: RYAN McBRIDE def. AKUMA with KIMBER LEE, TY HAGEN, RICKY REYES, VSK, & RYAN EAGLES
Next, the Combat Zone was treated to what is now being dubbed “The YARF Match.”  This match was everything it was expected to be and more…  It was high flying, high velocity, and it was all for a shot at the Wired TV Championship!  Ryan McBride scored a pinfall over Akuma, defeating him and the remaining field of Ty Hagen, Ricky Reyes, VSK, and Ryan Eagles. After the match, Kimber Lee confronted Akuma once again…  Akuma finally had enough of the verbal and physical abuse from Kimber Lee, and attacked her with the Techni Crash!  Kimber Lee had to be helped to the back by CZW Staff.

Jake Crist, who has become a fan favorite in recent weeks, was told if he wanted a CZW Contract he would have to take out Sami Callihan.  However, it wasn’t meant to be as Callihan was able to defeat Crist.  After the match, both Callihan and the Combat Zone knew that Crist just wants to be a part of CZW and not Hyde’s political games.  Callihan showed Crist the respect that many know he deserves by shaking his hand.  But that would not last long as ADAM COLE and MIA YIM came down to verbally attack “The Callihan Death Machine.”  Amidst the verbal attack, DJ HYDE came down and lariated Callihan.  Crist tried to come to Callihan’s aid, but also found himself attacked by “The Boss.”  As Callihan was being helped out by CZW Staff, Cole mocked Callihan by putting his own “finger gun” to Callihan’s head.

•    Ultraviolent Rules Match:  DJ HYDE def. LITTLE MONDO
For years people have known Little Mondo and how much he idolizes CZW Legend, “Sick” Nick Mondo.  But Mondo knew that the only way he could truly honor his idol is to win Tournament of Death X.  However, standing in his way was CZW Owner, DJ Hyde.  Despite it being Mondo’s first deathmatch, it looked as if he was going to have his shot at Tournament of Death X…  But in the end the glass ceiling for Little Mondo remained in place and DJ Hyde ended the hopes and dreams of a long time fan of the Combat Zone.

•    Ultraviolent Rules Match:  “The Bulldozer” MATT TREMONT def. PINKIE SANCHEZ
After DJ Hyde’s victory, Pinkie Sanchez came to the ring demanding his spot in Tournament of Death X.  Hyde said he had to prove himself to get into Tournament of Death X.  Hyde then asked if anyone in the building wants a shot in Tournament of Death X.  Before anyone knew what happened, a man by the man of “The Bulldozer” Matt Tremont jumped the railing and attacked Sanchez.  Tremont sent Sanchez through a pane of glass with a powerbomb for the win and for a spot on Tournament of Death!  Hyde welcomed Tremont to CZW and says at Tournament of Death X, he will face the Necro Butcher!

•    CZW Ultraviolent Championship – Ultraviolent Rules Match:  DANNY HAVOC (c) def. tHURTeen
The damage from the previous deathmatches had yet been cleaned up when “The One Man Wolfpack” came out ready to challenge for the UVU Championship!  In what was the third and probably most violent of the three deathmatches, Danny Havoc successfully defended his title as he now sets his sites on Tournament of Death X in less than two weeks!

•    CZW Junior Heavyweight Championship Match:  ADAM COLE (c) with MIA YIM def. JONATHAN GRESHAM
Adam Cole once again proved his dominance over the Junior Heavyweight Title Division with his victory over Jonathan Gresham.

•    Special Attraction Women’s Match:  KYOKO INOUE def. SUMIE SAKAI
A special thanks to Indy Gurlz for helping CZW promote a rare women’s match on the Prelude to Violence card.  In her first match in over 16 years, Kyoko Inoue defeated Sumie Sakai with a powerbomb that folded her in half!

•    CZW Wired TV Championship Match:  AR FOX def. DREW GULAK (c) with DEWEY DONOVAN & MR. TOFIGA
Finally CZW Wired TV has a NEW star and NEW Champion, AR Fox!  It was with the Lo Mein Pain that put down THE most hated man in all of the Combat Zone, Drew Gulak!

•    CZW Tag Team Championship Match:  PHILLY’S MOST WANTED (c) def. AZRIEAL & BANDIDO JR.
The turf war that started at International Incident continued at Prelude to Violence as CZW Tag Team Champions, Philly’s Most Wanted wtih “The Ego” Robert Anthony took on Azrieal and Bandido Jr.  But once again, Azrieal and Bandido Jr. fell short of the victory thanks to the chaos started by Robert Anthony.  At the end of the match, Devon Moore did tried to remove Anthony from distracting the referee, but the damage had already been done.  This prompted Anthony to challenged Devon Moore to face him AND Philly’s Most Wanted at Tournament of Death X!  Devon Moore accepted the challenge, but right now the question is who can Devon Moore find to help him as both his friends are already tied up with Tournament of Death X?

•    Tables, Ladders, & Chairs Match:  SCOTTY VORTEKZ def. “The Golden Boy” DRAKE YOUNGER
And in the main event, a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs to Qualify for Tournament of Death, Scotty Vortekz defeated “The Golden Boy” Drake Younger. After the match, Younger wished Vortekz luck at Tournament of Death, but he wants to put an end to his rivalry with Vortekz on Saturday, August 13 at the iPPV entitled, A Tangled Web 4!  It will be a TWO RING, PYSCHO CIRCUS DEATH MATCH that will feature the dreaded Tangled Web!

If you missed the action on Saturday night, you can become a member of CZW’s Club Dub – 13 and get instant access to the streaming video when it becomes available.  And of course get your tickets now at the CZW Pro Shop as the Legacy of Bloodshed and Glory continues at Tournament of Death X!

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