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Results from New Heights
Monday, July 11, 2011 @ 05:15pm EDT

This past Saturday night, CZW returned home to the Asylum Arena in South Philadelphia to take the Combat Zone to NEW HEIGHTS!  That’s exactly what happened!  CZW crowned TWO new Champions, introduced NEW competitors to the Combat Zone, and announced more matches for its return to iPPV on Saturday August 13th!  Continue reading to find out what exactly went down when the stars of CZW took over the Asylum Arena.

-  Drew Gulak for a Better CZW Invitational: VSK def. Alex Reynolds, Alexander James, & Lance Steel.
VSK won this contest of new comers to the Combat Zone, once again wowing the Combat Zone for with his athleticism.  However, that did not impress Gulak’s Title Transport Specialist, Dewey Donovan, or Mr. Tofiga who scouted the match.  As after the match, Mr. Tofiga destroyed the in-ring competitors except the Gulak fanboy, Alexander James, who slyly snuck out of the ring much like Drew Gulak would have!
-  Azrieal and Bandido, Jr. def. The Runaways (Joe Gacy & Ryan Slater)
After coming off a loss to the current CZW Tag Team Champions, Azrieal and Bandido Jr. needed the victory against The Runaways.  One has to imagine that a Tag Team Championship rematch could be in their future!

Kit Osbourne once again was the recipient of a brutal assault.  This time it was at the hands of the BLK Jeez.  Earlier in the week, the BLK Jeez was ordered by Maven Bentley to make a public apology for his recent actions towards the CZW Fans.  BLK Jeez refused to make his ordered public apology.  The situation took a turn for the worst as the BLK Jeez attacked a FAN!  Immediately CZW Commissioner, Maven Bentley, ordered Jeez to be removed from the building but instead chaos ensued and every CZW Staff member in the ring side area including Bentley and the CZW Commentary Team attempted to restrain Jeez.  But instead the Combat Zone witnessed a brawl between Bentley and Jeez before the situation was finally calmed down.
-  BLK OUT (Ruckus & Alex Colon) w/ Robbie Mireno & Chrissy Rivera def. The Set (Lance Lude & J-Sinn)
BLK OUT’s return tour has been proven quite successful as they remain undefeated since the re-launch.  Their return is meant to usher in a new era of passionate stars into the Combat Zone.  So at the conclusion of the match, Ruckus gave his props to The Set who most definitely impressed the audience.
-  Ricky Reyes def. Ty Hagen
Ricky Reyes claimed earlier in the week on that he would prove his dominance in the Combat Zone.  Although he did not dominant the match, he did prove his point when he defeated Ty Hagen.

-  Matt Tremont def. Little Mondo in an Impromptu Ultraviolent Rules Match
Matt Tremont entered the ring unannounced proclaiming that he began to usher in the new era in Ultraviolence at Tournament of Death X; he then demanded a fight to anyone brave enough to step into the ring with him.  That man was Sick Nick Mondo’s protege, Little Mondo.  However, the Bulldozer proved to be too much for Mondo after he drove him through a table on the outside of the ring with a HUGE sitdown powerbomb!  After the match, DJ Hyde headed to the ring, issuing an Ultraviolent Table Match for Matt Tremont and Little Mondo on August 13 at the iPPV Special, A Tangled Web 4!
DJ Hyde’s “slave” Greg Excellent was ordered to clean the ring, but Excellent said he wanted to make amends with “The Boss” and wanted to present a new banner for the Hardcore Hall of Fame. Hyde though was more than disappointed when the banner was not for him, but for all of the fans of the Asylum Arena! Hyde beat down Excellent and told him on August 13, he will be facing a mystery opponent.
-  Jake Crist def. AR Fox to become the NEW CZW Wired TV Champion!
This match came about when AR Fox offered the title match to Crist, acknowledging that he was once like Crist…  An under-utilized wrestler.  In what had to be a shocking moment for both Fox and the Combat Zone, Jake Crist won his first match in the Combat Zone when he defeated AR Fox!  Jake’s brother and Irish Airborne tag partner Dave Crist celebrated with Jake in the ring. At ringside, Crist and Fox shook hands.

Cole Callaway made his triumphant return to the Combat Zone!  Callaway explained that during his sabbatical from CZW he ventured to Big Japan Wrestling and began studying under Men’s Teioh and his Men’s Club and that he will honor him in CZW by starting Men’s Club USA…  He then begged and pleaded with CZW Ring Announcer, Larry Legand, to be their spokesperson to which he agreed!  Stay tuned to as the Men’s Club will surely be out looking for new members!
-  Sami Callihan def. Necro Butcher
Prior to the match, Hyde made sure that the fan favorite, Necro Butcher, wouldn’t take it easy on Callihan and stated that if he lost…  He wouldn’t get paid!  Despite Necro Butcher dominating a majority of the match…  Callihan once again went through another DJ Hyde roadblock, this time by stapling the tongue of Necro Butcher!  After the match, Hyde made it clear Callihan still did not earn the right to face him one-on-one just yet and on August 13th he would face the returning, BJ Whitmer!
-  CZW World Heavyweight champion Devon Moore retained against Joker.
Devon Moore once again defied the odds and beat one half of the CZW World Tag Team Champions, Joker.  Afterwards, the BLK Jeez returned to raise more hell and attacked Moore AND Security. A frustrated Moore set a match against the BLK Jeez on August 13!  But CZW Commissioner, Maven Bentley, wants the odds stacked and will give fans a chance to be involved. On August 13, it will be a Lumberjack Strap Match! CZW will sell raffle tickets for the chance for fans to be involved in the match!
-  In the main event, MASADA def. Danny Havoc in a Gusset Plate Match to become the NEW Ultraviolent Underground champion AND will face BJW’s Deathmatch Champion, Ryuji Ito, at the Chri$ Ca$h Memorial event on September 10th!
If you thought Tournament of Death X was a bloody affair, this match surely surpassed that entire day of ultraviolence!  Despite taking a nasty gusset plate to the arm, which exploded with blood upon impact, MASADA was able to powerbomb the equally as bloody Havoc onto gusset plate fencing for the victory.  MASADA now moves onto September 10th and the Chri$ Ca$h Memorial to face Ryuji Ito in a “Champion vs. Champion” Match!

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