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Results & News From Down With The Sickness
Monday, September 12, 2011 @ 05:32pm EDT

Saturday night in Philadelphia saw Kamikaze Death Match INSANITY; THREE matches featuring INTERNATIONAL STARS; Adam Cole and DJ Hyde play a very dangerous game; and a huge announcement with INTERNATIONAL ramifications involving Big Japan Wrestling and Combat Zone Wrestling - all in the memory of the late Chri$ Ca$h and PA Athletic Commission Chief Inspector, Frank Talent.

Wired TV Taping Spoilers:
-    Ricky Reyes def. Kekoa
Ricky Reyes continued his dominance over the stars of Wired TV.  This time defeating the debuting “Flyin’ Hawaiian” Kekoa in his debut match.  Stay logged onto and for when this match will air on Wired TV.

-    Latin Dragon def. Alex Payne
The Latin Dragon continued to impress the Combat Zone by defeating Alex Payne.  Many believe it is only a matter of time before he reaches the top of the Wired TV Division.  Stay logged onto and for when this match will air on Wired TV.

Down With The Sickness Results:
-    The Runaways (Joe Gacy & Ryan Slater) def. BLK OUT (Alex Colon & Ruckus w/ Chrissy Rivera and Robbie Mireno) with an assist from Kimber Lee!
The Runaways were finally able to put a stop to the relaunch of BLK OUT.  However, it took a little help from their new manager, Kimber Lee.  As it was Kimber Lee’s distraction and subsequent destruction of the “Leaning Tower of Primo” serve to aid the Runaways in their victory

-    Wired TV champion Jake Crist def. Dustin Rayz to retain the CZW Wired TV Championship
Unfortunately Chrisjen Hayme was forced to withdraw from the match due to injury caused by a car accident 24 hours prior to the match.  Dustin Rayz was a handpicked by Hayme to challenge for “The Most Exciting Championship in all of Wrestling.” However, it was with Crist’s new finisher “The Suicide” that put out Rayz for the victory.  The move was so devastating that Jake Crist practically hurt himself in process.  Jake’s brother, Dave Crist, was at ringside to support his brother, however some believed he was more concerned about his brother's title, then his brother's well-being.

-    Mr. Tofiga w/ Dewey Donovan def. Danny Havoc
After seeing how Mr. Tofiga could take two chair shots to the head and not fall, Danny Havoc had to get some “Alochol Muscles” to take on Gulak’s Monster.  It was a hard hitting match that ended with Havoc losing after Gulak’s number one fans, Alexander James, distracted Havoc long enough for Tofiga to send him through a steel chair with a Samoan Drop. But after the match, Drew Gulak was none too pleased with the fans, the ref, Alexander James, or Mr. Tofiga.

-    wXw Westside Dojo representative Earl vs. Kit Osbourne was interrupted at the bell by Matt Tremont and Rory Mondo, only for CZW Owner DJ Hyde to then come out and make the following announcements:
     - BOTH Tremont and Mondo need to prove themselves in a Death Match Trial
     - NEXT MONTH, Rory Mondo much prove himself at Big Japan Wrestling!
     - ON OCTOBER 7, Tremont will face BRAIN DAMAGE in PHILADELPHIA!

-    Adam Cole w/ Mia Yim & DJ Hyde def. Greg Excellent to retain the CZW World Junior Heavyweight Championship
DJ Hyde, Mia Yim, and Adam Cole thought it would be funny to have Cole dress and act like Sami Callihan when Callihan was not in the building.  This prompted Greg Excellent to answer Cole’s challenge and to slap the taste out of Adam Cole's mouth. Cole recognized he had an open challenge to any former champion for his Junior Heavyweight Title (of which Excellent has held previously). Unfortunately, Excellent was unable to pull off a victory against Cole due to distraction from Mia Yim.

-    CZW World Tag Team champions Philly's Most Wanted (BLK JEEZ & Joker) def. the UK's Team Fight Club: Pro (Trent 7 & MK McKinnan)
In a preview of CZW’s Project Mayhem coming up at the end of the month, Joker and BLK Jeez made easy work of Team Fight Club: Pro.  After the match Jeez made yet another challenge to CZW to have PMW face any combination of Homicide, Low Ki, Ricky Reyes, and Eddie Kingston.

-    CZW World Heavyweight champion Devon Moore retained against BJ Whitmer
After putting Callihan out of action this month, Whitmer was rewarded by having a CZW World Championship Match.  However in what has become the “Longest 24 Hour Title Reign,” Devon Moore once again stepped up to the challenge and won the match

-    In the Kamikazi Death Match for the CZW Ultraviolent & BJW Heavyweight Death Match Titles, both titles were suspended above the ring. The man who grabbed a belt, won that individual title...with both belts on the line. Ryuji Ito and MASADA mangled one another - but retained their respective belts.  However, it was MASADA who got the last laugh when he sent Ito through a table on the outside of the ring from the top of a 15 foot ladder!  The major news however came after the match…

The biggest news is that on December 3, the day of Cage of Death, CZW will bring JAPANESE WRESTLING TO THE UNITED STATES - Combat Zone Wrestling, Big Japan Wrestling, DDT, K-Dojo, and Freedoms in a Double Header!  Stay logged onto as more news about this International Wrestling Summit becomes available.

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