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Rest in Peace Brain Damage
Friday, October 19, 2012 @ 08:56pm EDT

It is with heavy hearts that is reporting this news. For those of you who may not be aware, CZW alumni BRAIN DAMAGE sadly passed away yesterday. While we mourn the loss of our fallen brother, we felt it was important to provide a retrospective on the career of "The Ultraviolent Terminator" to you, the CZW faithful.

Brain Damage made his CZW debut at "Tournament of Death IV" in 2005, advancing to the second round after defeating Beef Wellington in a 2/3 Falls Tables Match yet ultimately defeated by the Necro Butcher in a Fans Bring the Weapons Match. One year later at "Tournament of Death V", Brain Damage returned to CZW with vengeance on his mind. Damage would advance to the second round after defeating "Mr. Insanity" Toby Klein in the very same match he lost the previous year; fans bring the weapons.  In the second round, Damage would avenge his loss to the Necro Butcher by eliminating him in a match that featured barbed wire & panes of glass. Many thought the tournament's trophy was in Damage's grasp, but it wasn't meant to be.

Damage made a surprise return to CZW at "Out With the Old, In with the New" in 2007. Running in from the crowd, he interrupted a contest between Danny Havoc & Greg Excellent and destroyed both men. After defeating Havoc, Damage informed CZW that he was there to bring the pain. One month later at "Restore the Order", Damage defeated Drake Younger to capture his first Ultraviolent Underground Championship. The path of destruction would continue at "Tournament of Death VI". Toby Klein, Insane Lane, & the Necro Butcher would all taste defeat as the Ultraviolent Terminator once again made it to the finals of the tournament only to be beaten by Drake. Damage helped Maven Bentley's contingent achieve victory at "Best of the Best VII". At an event usually known for its straight wrestling contests, Damage's team participated in one of the most brutal & bloody 6 man tag matches in CZW history. The war with Drake Younger, far from over, continued at "Dishonorable Conduct" where the two clashed in an absolutely devastating match for the UVU Championship. Ending in a double pin, the championship was declared vacant until "Tournament of Death: Fast Forward", where a tournament took place to crown a new champion. Defeat was not an option as Damage destroyed Hellaware Assassin, Scotty Vortekz, Danny Havoc, & the late JC Bailey to regain the championship he felt he never lost. The remainder of 2007 saw Brain Damage emerging victorious in matches leading up to "Cage of Death IX", where Maven Bentley's group was ultimately defeated.

2008 began with another championship win for Brain Damage as he defeated Joker for the Iron Man Championship at "New Years Resolutions" in an epic Home Run Derby Deathmatch. One month later at "9 F'N Years", Damage would collide with his old rival Drake Younger once again. After months of chasing the championship, Younger finally regained the UVU Title from Damage. Though the UVU was lost, Damage remained the Iron Man Champion. It was a championship he would hold until June where he was defeated in a 4 way contest by current CZW owner DJ Hyde at "Summer School"; Damage would regain the championship a month later at "A Tangled Web".

For the next 6 months, Brain Damage held the Iron Man Championship & took on all comers. Cult Fiction would run roughshod through CZW & become embroiled in a bloody feud with the infamous H8 Club. After being defeated in a tag team contest at "X: Decade of Destruction - 10th Anniversary" Sami Callihan picked his moment to strike...defeating a beaten Brain Damage to take the Iron Man Championship. The remainder of 2009 saw Brain Damage competing in CZW on a part time basis. Little did anyone realize that war was coming in 2010.

The return of a deadlier Cult Fiction to the Combat Zone saw the group waging war with the Suicide Kings. Brain Damage even went one on one in a hard hitting encounter with retired CZW Founder John Zandig at "Fist Fight" & nearly became a CZW World Tag Team Champion at "Lines in the Sand". Both groups traded victories & defeats and ultimately came to a head at "Cage of Death XII". After being defeated, the Cult seemingly disbanded.

Nine months passed. A feud had broken out between Rory Mondo & now former CZW star Matt Tremont. Both men laid claim to being the next breakout deathmatch wrestling star. To settle the dispute, CZW owner DJ Hyde decreed that both men must take part in deathmatch trials. Rory would be sent to Japan while Tremont would have to prove himself against the former 2x UVU & Iron Man Champion. October 7th, 2011 saw Brain Damage's final match in a CZW ring. After a bloody brawl around the former Asylum Arena, Brain Damage stood victorious in his final fight & thanked everyone from the CZW fans to management for one last match.

Everyone at the Combat Zone will always fondly remember Brain Damage as one of the fiercest warriors inside the squared circle, yet one of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet outside of it. We know you're tearing it up up there with Chri$, Trent, & JC.

In Loving Memory
Marvin "Brain Damage" Lambert
12/14/77 - 10/18/12

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