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Wednesday, December 8, 2010 @ 07:08am EST

"The Road to Hell is Often Paved With Good Intentions"

For the first half of 2010, DEVON MOORE was seen by CZW fans and staff alike as our resident scumbag.  Moore was notorious for being lazy, taking shortcuts, cheating to win, and throwing his friends under the bus.

All of that started to change on June 18, 2010.  On that day, the wrestling world mourned the loss of TRENT ACID.  While fans mourned for the loss of a talent taken way too soon, Moore mourned the loss of a man who was a friend and mentor.  In July at Home Sweet Home, Moore faced his best friend, DREW BLOOD, in a Loser Must Retire match.  Emotions were riding high as both men were not only fighting for their careers, but engaging in a match that, as Blood put it, "would make Verdi proud".  In the end, Moore wound up winning the match and ending his best friend's career.

In August at Tangled Web 3, the CZW fans blew the roof off of the Arena as Moore made his way to the ring.  But it was not a reaction based on anger.  It was a reaction full of adulation.  With his best friend gone from CZW and his mentor deceased, Devon promised everyone, both fans and staff alike, that it was the beginning of a new Devon Moore in CZW.  Having none of it though and wanting proof were THE SUICIDE KINGS.  Eager to prove himself, Devon defeated DRAKE YOUNGER in August and was about to defeat DANNY HAVOC in October at Its' Always Bloody in Philadelphia until CULT FICTION interfered in the match.  Moore, wanting to show everyone he was still on the right path, jumped back into action against the Cult by attempting to help the man he was facing only moments earlier.  As the remainder of the Suicide Kings ran to ringside to offer reinforcements, the entire Combat Zone looked on as the unthinkable happened.  Drake Younger viciously assaulted Moore and the rest of the Kings.

Hoping to finally put an end to the war that has been waging between Cult Fiction & the Suicide Kings, CZW Owner DJ HYDE made it official at Night of Infamy: Betrayal last month; it will be Cult Fiction and "The Goldenboy" Drake Younger against Danny Havoc, Scotty Vortekz, Dysfunction, & Devon Moore in the CAGE OF DEATH match itself.

Devon Moore's road to redemption places him squarely in the middle of Hell.  When it comes to the Cage of Death event, Moore is 0-2, having lost the actual Cage of Death match at COD X and his CZW World Heavyweight Championship match against Drake Younger last year.  The loss against Younger (2-1 at COD events, holding 1 W & 1 L in the actual COD match) last year has to be on Moore's mind.  This Saturday in Philadelphia, Moore has a chance to not only avenge last year's loss against Drake but to finally prove to everyone that the scumbag is gone and he truly bleeds black & yellow.

Written for by CJ Becker


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