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Prophesying Problems...
Friday, July 22, 2011 @ 11:48am EDT

His name is one that is cursed & invokes utter contempt among hardened veterans of the Combat Zone and its fans.  He is an individual many hoped we would never see again.  But at "New Heights", CZW Owner DJ HYDE decided to stoop to that level when announcing another obstacle for SAMI CALLIHAN.  On Saturday night, August 13th at "Tangled Web IV", Callihan has to go through BJ WHITMER.

For newer CZW fans, let me set the scene for you.  It was 2006, and much like now, unlike other promotions, CZW stayed true to its roots by running monthly in Philadelphia at the hallowed ECW Arena and not abandoning the fans.  Another group took exception to this claim & for a good portion of the year, CZW and this other organization battled one another.  One of the key players in the whole debacle was BJ Whitmer.  This was a guy who routinely went out & picked fights with the likes of Super Dragon, Chris Hero, The Necro Butcher, and others.  He even defeated Butcher in a no rope barbed wire match.  And if that wasn't enough, BJ Whitmer is the only man to fight THE ENTIRE CZW locker room and survive.  I remember sitting in the stands with all of you watching, waiting, and hoping someone would hand this guy's ass to him.  Five years later and I'm hoping Callihan does just that!

For the most part, I try to remain impartial over issues in the Combat Zone.  Every now and then though, something transpires where something must be said.  I seriously have to question the mindset of our boss on this one.  Having a hatred of someone is one thing.  But to bring this individual to CZW as nothing more than a human shield because DJ doesn't want to do the honorable thing and face's flat out dangerous.  We've seen what Whitmer has been capable in the past.  Suppose he beats Sami on August 13th.  Is he content just to be a hired gun, or will he seek to finish what was started in 2006?  Old habits die hard, & it's quite possible that by introducing this element into CZW, the boss may inadvertently begin the destruction of what he sought to preserve when he took over CZW at "Tangled Web II".  Bringing BJ Whitmer in has been seen by many as an act of dishonor.  And needless to say, there are those in CZW who will ultimately choose death before dishonor.  If Callihan can defeat Whitmer, he finds himself one step closer to the boss & the rightful retribution he seeks.  If not...I shudder to think of what CZW could turn into with the likes of BJ Whitmer in the locker room.

Tickets for Tangled Web IV are on sale now in the CZW Pro Shop.  If you can't make it down to the Asylum Arena in Philadelphia on August 13th, we will be streaming live worldwide via iPPV thanks to our good friends over at!  This is going to be the most ultraviolent event of the summer.  Don't get burned by waiting...order your tickets or your stream TODAY!!!

Written for by CJ Becker

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