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Wednesday, October 27, 2010 @ 03:53pm EDT

Alex Colon is a serious wrestler. He doesn’t need barbed-wire to beat you, he doesn’t need a manager to distract you, and he doesn’t need a tag team partner to watch his back. He gets the job done in the ring, and if you don’t believe me, just ask the people who he has elbowed in the face.

There was a time when Colon was satisfied as a singles wrestler, but those days are over. Now that he is a singles wrestler, he is responsible for his own success, and that’s exactly how he wants it.

Let’s not forget his accomplishments in CZW. The cold, hard truth is that Colon holds a tag team win over multi-time CZW tag team and singles champs Ruckus and Sabian, and even more impressively, that victory came in Colon’s first year and a half on CZW shows! That’s something that your beloved H8 Club of Nick Gage & Nate Hatred couldn’t even do at Night of Infamy 7, over six years into their supposed reign of dominance over CZW.

Alex Colon has also already won tag team matches over Wired champion Drew Gulak, Junior Heavyweight champion Adam Cole, and three-time Ironman champion DJ Hyde.

Despite these facts, there seems to be a trend of CZW management having something against Alex Colon, both during his tag team run with LJ Cruz and during his current singles run.

There was the streak of shows in 2009 that the CZW powers that be were scheduling Colon and Cruz in singles matches instead of together as a tag team. That continued until they sent a video to CZW management demanding that they be placed into tag team matches.

Then there’s the fact that it’s been two and a half years since Colon told the world that he’s not a “student” anymore. However, he is still being treated like one, as management has restricted him to opening matches on the last two CZW shows.

Somebody has to advocate for CZW management to start rewarding Colon for his accomplishments, and apparently it’s going to have to be me. After all, the CZW fans sure haven’t bothered to do so. In fact, they don’t seem to even know anything about what it means for a wrestler to earn rewards. They’re too busy clamoring for Nick Gage to get more rematches at Jon Moxley’s title. This is despite Gage losing five out of his last seven matches in CZW, including a no-rope barbed-wire contest, a stipulation that he claims he specializes in.

The bottom line is that Colon has proven himself as a more than capable wrestler in CZW, and in order for him to reach his full potential, the CZW brass needs to give him the singles opportunities that he deserves.

CZW management’s inconsistency also seems evident from its treatment of Jonathan Gresham. Gresham is every bit as talented as Colon, yet like Colon, CZW management can’t seem to decide what they want out of him.

One month Gresham is wrestling A.R. Fox one-on-one, the next month A.R. Fox is his tag team partner, and the next month he’s not even put in a match on the show! After Home Sweet Home, a show where he went tooth and nail with Drew Gulak in a competitive contest for the Wired title, there were three consecutive shows on which Gresham wasn’t used. Furthermore, CZW still has yet to give him any promo time. We’re talking about Gresham, the guy who was in a show-stealing match at Lines in the Sand in June!

Gresham can’t succeed in CZW as a tag team wrestler if he is put in singles matches against his tag team partner, nor can he succeed as a singles wrestler if he’s not on shows, period!

Colon and Gresham are two wrestlers who have the capability to be the future of CZW, but they can’t do it unless CZW management is on their side. The CZW fans don’t seem to be clamoring for them to be treated fair, so I will be the person to call for it.

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