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The Cowhey Chronicles
Monday, December 20, 2010 @ 10:03am EST

Oh It Was A Very Merry Christmas Indeed!

It's just over a week later and I'm most definitely still reeling from Cage of Death last Saturday! Hell… I was wearing the same shoes at work the other day as I did at Cage of Death and I found a tack in the shoe that most likely fell from the skull of Devon Moore! If you remember the last time I chronicled, I talk about how CZW’s Cage of Death was like Christmas come early. Well it was definitely a VERY Merry Christmas!

As I’ve said before, I’m new to the CZW team. Cage of Death XII was my first live experience with Cage of Death. All I talked about before were all the stories I’ve heard in Cage of Death past. So going into Cage of Death I really didn’t know what to expect. I knew there was going to be a huge crowd, but to be perfectly honest; I did NOT expect to see a SELLOUT in the Asylum Arena. That definitely surprised me… And just like all of you, I enjoy a good surprise. And after what we all saw last Saturday, I expect what we saw on Saturday as only the BEGINNING of what should be a monumental 2011 for the Combat Zone.

Who impressed me the most? I think it goes to the “Warrior” Akuma. If you haven’t heard yet Akuma was victorious again, but this time it was to qualify for the 2011 BEST OF THE BEST! And after his performance in the Six Way Scramble, he is definitely an early favorite to win the whole tournament. Granted, I’m not a huge Akuma fan… I’m sure you all are just as annoyed with CZW Bombshell, Kimberly, BUT… She clearly has an eye for talent. Akuma knew just when to strike last Saturday and practically stole the victory from the tenacious Jonathan Gresham. The intensity of Akuma is second to none in CZW, and if managed to get a front than you saw what I saw on the monitors… Eyes that would burn a hole through anybody!

However, there were two incidents that did put a damper on what was otherwise a legendary night in CZW. The first incident, Greg Excellent, of ALL people, attacked his mother! I have seen some crazy things throughout my journeys in the wrestler world, but that by far takes the number one spot! Greg Excellent, who has been essentially searching for his place in CZW, use the Tiger Driver 98 on HIS OWN MOTHER! What would possess someone to attack their own mother in front of 1,000 plus people? I do not know. But if he was seeking out the approval of DJ Hyde and Maven Bentley, he DID NOT get that. Simply disgusting!

And the other incident I’m talking about is when Philly’s Most Wanted won the Tag Team Championships. I’ve personally have known both Sabian and Joker for about 2-3 years now, and as the years have gone on I’ve began to hate them more and more. What’s ironic is that I want to like them! Both men are simply talented wrestlers. However, it is the way they carry themselves which makes me simply HATE them… Well hate Sabian for the way he carries himself. Sabian clearly shows no regard for anyone else: wrestler, staff, or fan. His actions only seem to get worse! I’ve seen him torment old men by kicking out their cane… I’ve watched him sexually harass women in the crowds of many wrestling events. There is simply no line that Sabian won’t cross. Meanwhile there’s Joker just watching it happen! Here’s a guy that has put his wrestling career on hold several times in the past for his duties with the US Armed Forces, yet there he stands behind the “BLKJeez” and watches and laughs. The Tag Team Titles have been held by some of the top talent to ever step foot into the Combat Zone. Teams such as the Haas Brothers, John Zandig, the H8 Club, Lobo, The Best Around, the Kings of Wrestling, and The Backseat Boyz have been proud to represent CZW across the globe. All of those men, and some more that I’ve missed, were and are some of the most respected men in this business. Yet now we have Philly’s Most Wanted as our champions. They now will represent us across the entire world. That fact alone is one of the most depressing things I will ever witness. Granted some of those teams I’ve mentioned as well as those I haven’t mentioned weren’t always seen as “good guys,” but they never crossed the lines that Philly’s Most Wanted have.

But what was one of the incidents that dampened the mood on Saturday, QUICKLY turned into one of my favorite moments of the night. For those that know me, I am a HUGE fan for Tag Team wrestling. So to see the titles now held hostage by delinquents saddens me. But to see that their first title defense is against one of the best tag teams in wrestling today, The Briscoe Brothers, pleases me. And that match is on Friday January 7 back at the Asylum Arena!

I believe the crowning moment of the night was when Devon Moore emerged victorious in the most insane cage ever assembled inside ANY wrestling venue!

But just like every Christmas… Cage of Death as come and gone and now we all wait anxiously for next December to see what Santa Claus will bring us. But the memories of Cage of Death XII will last a lifetime. But for some, like Cult Fiction, Drake Younger, and maybe even Philly’s Most Wanted come January 7, they’ll wish they could forget the night of December the 11th, 2010!

Until next time… You stay classy, CZW Fans,
Dan Cowhey

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