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No Time to Rest
Thursday, March 31, 2011 @ 09:33am EDT

The second weekend of April will be the busiest weekend of the year for Combat Zone Wrestling.  The weekend kicks off Saturday April 9th with K & S Wrestlefest at the Ramada Philadelphia Airport in Essington, PA featuring the CZW Ultraviolent Underground Champion, Jun Kasai, and Daisuke Sekimoto.  From there the festivities move into the Asylum Arena in South Philadelphia for wXw's Kreuzzug ZXI part 1 at 2:30 PM featuring CZW’s Drake Younger in a No Rope, Barbed Wire Match again Kasai!  The action doesn’t stop as the crown jewel event of the weekend, Best of the Best X, starts up at 7:30 PM!

Besides the prestigious Best of the Best Tournament, two of the top CZW prizes will also be on the line in a very special six man tag team match.  It was made clear at Status Update: Fantastic that Robert Anthony and Philly’s Most Wanted would defend the CZW World Championship, with Jon Moxley in their corner, against Devon Moore and the Briscoe Brothers, who would be defending the CZW Tag Team Championships.  If Anthony and PMW win, PMW become Tag Team Champions…  But if Moore and the Briscoes win, Moore becomes the new CZW World Champion!  Clearly, this is an important match for all the men involved.  But if you thought that would be the end to these men’s weekend, you are wrong!

CZW takes the show on the road on Sunday April 10th when CZW presents International Incident at the ACE Arena in Union City, NJ!  For those who have subscribed to the CZW Newsletter, you were informed early last week that Philly’s Most Wanted would be in action taking on two of the Garden State’s top competitors, Azrieal and Bandido Jr..  Both men have compete in the Combat Zone in the past, however this time they have the home field advantage when they take on BLK Jeez and Joker.  It also won’t help PWM’s cause as they will have to compete twice in one weekend in high profile matches.  But at the same time, Joker and BLK Jeez have won previous Best of the Best Tournaments.  They have experienced these working conditions before when they had to fight in multiple matches in the same day!

They will not be the only ones with no time to relax…  As released earlier this week as an exclusive from the CZW Text Messaging Service, the CZW World Championship will be defended at International Incident!  CZW Officials have yet to confirm who would be challenging for the title, but that means whoever does has a very good chance of winning against an ill-rested Robert Anthony or an ill-rested Devon Moore.  Once again, two high profile matches in two days.  One has to remember that Anthony, like Philly’s Most Wanted, has experienced these odds.  Anthony won Best of the Best 9, meaning he had to compete in multiple matches in the same day.

With all that being said, the Combat Zone could still witness a 24 hour title reign!  Philly’s Most Wanted could win the Tag Team Championships back and turn around and lose them 24 hours later to the returning Azrieal and Bandido Jr., or Devon Moore could finally make his way to the top of the Combat Zone to lose it 24 hours later in Union City, NJ.  Or will “The Ego” Robert Anthony make out of Philadelphia World Champion to meet his match in Jersey?  Or could these four men defy the odds and make it out of Best of the Best X Weekend able to call themselves, “Champion.”

To watch all the action unfold CZW and its partners have a few options. is offering a LIVE iPPV Stream of both wXw's Kreuzzug ZXI part 1 and Best of the Best X for the fans who cannot make it to South Philadelphia on April 9th.  If you can make it down to South Philadelphia, you can buy tickets for all of the weekend’s events at the CZW Pro Shop.  Our friends at Wrestling Bus Trips our offering a bus trip with tickets included for the fans out of New York City and North Jersey for both events occurring at the Asylum Arena on Saturday April 9th.  To find out if there are any seats left CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION .  If you can’t be there live or watch some of the events on iPPV…  Visit  later in April to order the DVDs or watch the all the events via the Pay Per Stream system.  No matter how you decide to watch…  You can’t miss out on all the action, because this week will be like nothing else!

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