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Nate Stein's Undercover Report
Monday, April 25, 2011 @ 11:51am EDT

Ryan Slater Goes...  Ultraviolent?

There is no secret CZW Promoter, Maven Bentley, does not like the antics of The Runaways. But with the suspension recently ending for Joe Gacy and Ryan Slater, Bentley had to believe there was still time before he had to deal with them face-to-face once more.

In the dark parking lot of The Asylum Arena this past week, this reporter found one-half of The Runaways, Ryan Slater, confronting Bentley and DEMANDING The Runaways receive a title shot.

With Slater backing up Bentley against his car, the CZW Promoter seemed to have no choice but to agree to a title shot. BUT, the surprise turned back on Slater. Slater, preparing to call Joe Gacy to give the seemingly good news, was stopped speechless by Maven as he got into his driver seat.

Maven's words exactly, "Sure, you have a title match. YOU, Ryan Slater. NOT Joe Gacy. On May 14, it's you vs. DANNY HAVOC for the CZW ULTRAVIOLENT UNDERGROUND TITLE!"

Slater must be reeling. What will the stipulations be for this ULTRAVIOLENT match up? What does Joe Gacy think? And what will Danny Havoc have in store for one-half of The Runaways?

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