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With this year’s “Down with the Sickness” Chris Cash Memorial event fast approaching, CZW management has confirmed today the addition of three more competitors to an already loaded “Aerial Assault” match. If you tuned into this weekend, you saw new video messages from popular fan favorite AR FOX, Cult Fiction’s tHURTeen, and the very angry, and apparently very motivated ALEX COLON. As a result of these videos, Commissioner Maven Bentley has decided to officially confirm each of these men for combat on FRIDAY, September 10th, as participants in the highly anticipated and always exciting AERIAL ASSAULT! These men join an already stacked contest which includes the returning CHUCK TAYLOR, RICOCHET, and the fearless FAÇADE! Who will come out on top and make their move towards the top of the CZW Junior Heavyweight division? We find out at “Down with the Sickness!”... 

The Aerial Assault Match has launched many a career in CZW, and taken many more to the next level. It’s the ultimate opportunity to prove you belong in the Combat Zone, and it’s a chance all 6 of these men appear poised to take. In preparation of this match, CZW Color Commentator JAKE BLACK will be hosting a special “Aerial Assault” edition of his podcast, which will air exclusively this weekend on Make sure you tune in to prepare for September 10th’s most gravity-defying event.

Stay tuned to in the coming days as we continue to fill out the card, and post new video statements from the CZW locker room in the build to our huge FRIDAY return to South Philly on September 10th for “DOWN WITH THE SICKNESS!”.

Announced for Friday 9/10's event:

Aerial Assault Match

CZW World Tag Team Title Tournament Opening Round

The debut of JOHNNY GARGANO! and much more....


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