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Lesson Learned?
Friday, August 20, 2010 @ 09:00am EDT

From the Desk of Maven Bentley, Esq. on this 20th of August, 2010

Before I begin my address, Sami Callihan, I hope you learned your lesson!  You may have injured my friend and business partner, but from what I can tell you no longer have a friend nor business partner.I am not going to say “I told you so”. I am going to say” learn from your mistakes”.

Now on to more fun news: the Aerial Assault Ladder Match at Down with the Sickness 2010!  Chri$ Ca$h was  is an inspiration to many young athletes, many of whom he will never get to meet.  His ladder match with Joker at Cage f Death 5 is still one of my favorite matches.  So how fitting that at a show in his honor 6 young men will try to do what he and Joker did that night- steal the show and move into the spotlight with a Junior Heavyweight Title match.  

I have announced 3 of the 6 men who will compete in this match up and I am excited about these youngsters. Facade earned his spot in this match with one of the best showings I have seen from that young man at Southern Violence.  Ricochet, well… he’s Ricochet!  I can only image the flips, dives, and craziness he will do off of the aerial assault box and/or ladder.  But what may excite me the most is the return of Chuck Taylor.  Scheduling issues have prevented the man from Raccoon City from being a regular in Combat Zone Wrestling. In fact, he was stripped of his Junior heavyweight Title due to those conflicts. He never actually lost it in a CZW ring. I can only imagine the lengths he will go through to get a shot at Adam Cole and that belt he once held.

Stay tuned to as I continue to make decisions concerning this match.  I have been hearing you fans talk about certain individuals, I think I may know who else you want to see in that match.


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