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Last Chance...
Tuesday, March 1, 2011 @ 06:21pm EST

"Dream what you want to dream; go where you want to go.  Be what you want to be, because you only have one life and one chance to do all the things you want to do."

The road to April's BEST OF THE BEST X makes one final stop at Philadelphia's Asylum Arena in March.  For the past few months, TY HAGEN (formerly Tyler Veritas) has been a man on a mission; getting his hands on his former friend & tag team partner...the current reigning CZW World Junior Heavyweight Champion & self proclaimed "Best of the Best", ADAM COLE. These two men broke into the business together & formed one of the most electrifying tag teams the Combat Zone has ever seen.  Unfortunately, good friends tend to become better enemies.  At Cage of Death XI, Hagen & Cole faced each other to determine who would be the inaugural CZW Wired Television Champion.  As Hagen emerged victorious, the seeds of Adam Cole's resentment were planted.  Slowly growing apart, Hagen would go on to lose the championship to DREW GULAK while Cole became embroiled with the man he would eventually beat for the Junior Heavyweight Title, THE BLK JEEZ.  Shortly after, Cole and Hagen saw an opportunity to add the then vacant World Tag Team Championship to their resume & entered the tournament for the vacated belts.  Unfortunately for the duo, they came up short against PHILLY'S MOST WANTED.  The rift between the two friends began to grow more as a result of not only this loss, but also from Cole's utilization of underhanded tactics to retain his championship and the eventual influence of Cole's girlfriend, CZW Bombshell MIA YIM.  Things came to a head at Cage of Death XII as Hagen once again faced Cole with championship gold on the line.  The triumphant Cole would return to Philly in January and completely berated his former friend as stunned CZW fans looked on.  Talking trash is one thing, but when you disrespect a man's family, especially his unborn son, you've given him nothing to lose.

Hagen has an opportunity to enter the tournament in April, but to do it, he has to go through a man who has been undefeated since returning to the Combat Zone last November.  Easily dispatching all challengers, AKUMA looks to be the odds on favorite to win Best of the Best and take home the coveted trophy.  Wanting to take out "The Warrior", Hagen has challenged Akuma for his spot in the tournament.  Akuma is no stranger to those challenging for his spot, having beaten JONATHAN GRESHAM to retain his place in Best of the Best.  Fearing no man, Akuma is once again putting his spot on the line.

"Ty Hagen doesn't fully realize what he's gotten himself into, thinking he's worthy of a match against my warrior Akuma.  When Akuma completely destroys Ty on March 12th at the Asylum Arena in South Philly, it will show once again that my warrior is completely unstoppable and will be your new Best of the Best champion!" - Kimber Lee, CZW Bombshell

"Last month at Twelve, I failed to qualify for Best of the Best.  I failed to put away the likes of AR Fox and Jonathan Gresham to be able to participate in the tournament that made me want to be in this company.  I failed to prove Adam Cole wrong.  I WILL NOT FAIL AGAIN.  This is my last chance to not only prove to the wrestling world that I am one of the top junior heavyweights today...that I belong in the tenth edition of Best of the Best...but it is also a chance to end the nightmare that my former best friend has put me through.  The past 7 months have been the most difficult of my life.  I've gone through a lot of emotional distress, yet I still show up month in and month out to do what I love the most.  To perform in front of the crowd in which I once stood be a man of pride.  But to have my best friend, the person who was like a brother to me, stoop as low as to INSULT MY UNBORN SON, may in fact be the biggest atrocity to be thrown at me.  The man who was supposed to be the Godfather to my child can insult me...he can insult my accomplishments...but to insult the most important thing in my life?

Adam, this isn't about records.  This isn't about a name or how many times we stood across a ring from each other.  Hell, this isn't about being CZW World Junior Heavyweight Champion.  This is personal.  This is about me beating you to a bloody pulp...about tearing your life to pieces...about giving back the grief & tears you bestowed upon me.  When this is all said & done, Adam Cole & Ty Hagen can move on with their lives.  But not before this is settled.  Not before you suffer the fate of all traitors.  Betrayal betrays the betrayer inevitably, and come March 12th, your downfall begins when I defeat Akuma and qualify for Best of the Best." - Ty Hagen

On Saturday night March 12th in Philadelphia, Ty Hagen gets his FINAL CHANCE to enter this year's Best of the Best & gain retribution against his former friend.  If Hagen wins, he will take Akuma's place in the tournament and find himself one step closer to Adam Cole.  Hagen needs to realize, however, that it is Akuma who stands in his way & needs to focus on "The Warrior"...not Adam Cole.  One mistake can lead to defeat.  If Akuma wins, Hagen's quest for vengeance will become that much longer.

Tickets for our March return to Philadelphia, April's HUGE double header featuring an afternoon WXW show and Best of the Best later that evening in Philadelphia, and our second double header of the weekend with WXW in New Jersey are currently on sale in the CZW Pro Shop.  Do not wait; get your tickets NOW!!!

Written for by CJ Becker

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